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What is obscene development wave? What does obscene development wave mean

What is obscene development wave? What does obscene development wave mean Recently, the word "indecent development wave" has become popular on the Internet. People who often play 'pesticide' will encounter this word. When novice players and high-level players form teams, they will often be prompted by their teammates. So what does indecent development wave mean? Let's have a look with Xiaobian!

What do you mean by obscene development

It's that you can't beat him at all. Make up the soldiers well. Don't think about killing alone. Wait for the meaning of lying down and winning.

In fact, it's an old stick in the game. It's estimated that players who have played lol and King glory are very clear. But some novices and passers-by may not know that well.

In the game, players will often encourage. The original meaning of the word is to admonish players not to chase people easily and come back to fight after they are well developed. Later, it evolved into admonition not to rush hard and accumulate strength slowly.

Usually only when you are killed can you see the message sent by your teammates. Usually it's a bit of a warning. If you're not killed, then, whatever you do.

Where does the development of obscenity come from

It comes from the dubbing in the game "glory of the king". Because of the popularity of the game, the word is often used by many game players as a daily oral expression. In addition to the game related usage mentioned above, it is also often used as a warning to keep in mind the meaning of "never die in waves".