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Street is toxic foam India Street toxic foam sea!

Sihai network: according to foreign media reports, the sudden heavy rain in India and Rolle city is the largest rain in the region in the past hundred years. A lot of white toxic bubbles appear on the streets of India. It looks too scary. Where do these toxic bubbles come from? Here we look at the details.

According to the daily mail of August 17th, a large number of white toxic bubbles appeared in the streets of Bangalore, India. It turned out that two lakes, often dumped industrial waste, had been chemically reacted with rainwater after heavy rain for several days, resulting in lots of white foam. And these bubbles spilled over the lake, flying on the streets, seriously affecting the residents' travel.

The video released on social media shows that the foam wall, which is as high as a building, passes through the barbed wire and is blown to the street, disrupting traffic. Video clips uploaded on twitter show that a river with toxic bubbles is running down the branches of Bangalore, while passers-by are hiding behind the fence.

According to local reports, the current situation in the city is extremely bad. The heavy rain is the largest in the region since 1890. However, this is not the first time this has happened in the region. In October 2015, similar cloud like toxic bubbles spilled from these two lakes. Because the toxic waste in the lake contains inflammable components, the foam produced by the rainwater has been ignited. It is reported that the content of phosphorus and other inorganic compounds in lakes is very high.

Earlier this year, India's national environmental protection court ordered the closure of factories near Lake bellandur, one of the two lakes, and imposed a huge fine on those dumping waste on the lake or the nearby lake area, the times of India reported. To control pollution in Bangalore, city officials were ordered to clean up the lake within a month, but with little success.