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Blessing words of 2018 teacher's Day greeting card brief 10 words blessing words of 2018 teacher's D

Teacher's Day is coming. This year is the 34th teacher's day. The teacher's grace is unforgettable. When the teacher's day comes, send blessings to the teacher, which will surely comfort the teacher. Now I have arranged some blessings for teachers' day. Let's have a look.

1、 A short message to the teacher 10

1. The teacher has worked hard, happy Teacher's day.

2. 'teacher' is our sincere thanks.

3. Happy Teachers' day.

4. I wish the teacher good health and all over the world.

5. A happy Teacher's Day is when you give back what you have.

6. Thank you for your hard work.

7. The wish of the festival, the teacher is always young.

8. Teaching and education are always on, and teachers' love is priceless.

9. Teacher's day, thank you for your cultivation.

10. You have worked hard, dear teacher.

11. I am very grateful for your teaching and will keep it in mind.

12. There are many places in the end of the world, only the grace of teachers is endless. Thank you, teacher.

13. Never tire of learning, never tire of teaching, and fragrant with peaches and plums. I wish you a happy holiday.

14. Teaching is like the spring wind, teacher's grace is like the sea deep, the world is full of peaches and plums, and the spring light is everywhere.

15. The world is full of peaches and plums, and the teacher's kindness is as deep as the sea. Peaches and plums are self-evident, and the river is formed under them.

16. Set up a three foot podium, do work and output; with one cavity of hot blood, discharge light.

17. Your instruction urges me to work hard day and night with my blessing.

18. I don't want to disturb you. Just want to know if everything is OK

19. Dear teacher, your teaching is like the spring breeze, like the rain. I sincerely wish you good health and good luck.

20. Teacher, you enlighten me to really understand the grace of nature. From then on, I understand every green leaf, every cloud and every spray.

2、 The blessing to the teacher is short

1. Thousands of rivers and mountains are always in love. It is love to sprinkle on the world. There are many places in the end of the world, only the grace of teachers is endless. Best wishes, teacher.

2. I am not your best student, but you are my most respected teacher. In your festival, your students wish you young forever.

3. My second mother, teacher, you have worked hard. For the sake of our happiness, how can you say no to eat more bitterness?

4. On this special day, I want you to say: happy holidays. I hope you will be healthier and happier in the future.

5. Your hard work is our driving force, our success is your pride, but we will be proud of you.

6. Teacher, let this SMS be full of my blessing, fly to your side through time and space, and greet you gently: Happy Teachers' day.

How I miss you, my teacher. Thank you and my respected teacher for sending congratulations with the help of science and technology. My good teacher, I really miss you.

8. Your hard work is your selfless dedication, and your highest honor is to fill the world with peaches and plums. Wish you a happy holiday. Happiness forever.

9. Never be tired of learning, never be tired of teaching, and enjoy the fragrance of peaches and plums. I wish you a happy Teacher's day.

10. The sun is shining, the gardener's heart is full of spring; the rain is moist, and the peach and plum branches are red. I wish you a happy holiday.

11. A festival, although not in spring, is full of spring. Teacher, your festival is the most beautiful. On this day, all flowers in the garden are blooming for you.

12. teacher you are great, like a candle to light others to burn yourself. Wish you a happy holiday and take good care of yourself.

13. Without your generous dedication, I can't have today's harvest. Thank you very much, dear teacher.

14. Your heart is higher than the sky, your kindness is deeper than the sea, your teaching will never be forgotten, your holiday sends blessing, wish you 'Happy Teachers' Day'.

15. Dear teacher, your earnest teaching has benefited students all their lives. After a busy year, your festival is here again. I wish you good health and happiness every day.

16. Dear teacher, I miss you very much, but please believe that no matter where we are, we will never forget you, my dearest teacher.

17. The teacher's kindness is as heavy as a mountain, and the students dare not forget. When entering the university gate, I wish you good health and all the best.

18. May happy songs haunt you all the time, and may happy years always be with you. I wish you a happy holiday.

19. With the sun shining, the gardener's heart is full of spring; with the rain moistening, the peach and plum branches are red. --I wish you a happy Teacher's day.

20. Life is like a song, peaches and plums are fragrant. Life is like a song. You planted those notes and educated us with your hard work.

3、 Blessing for teachers

1. Who gave us civilized language? Who taught us the philosophy of life? Who taught us how to be human? It's you. Hard gardener. I wish you a happy holiday.

2. Endless kindness, always remember in my heart every growing day, I want to bless you, my teacher.

3. Hello. Is your voice good now? Is your body good? Are your children obedient? Do you work hard? The memory of the campus and your bright smile are always around you.

4. Thank you for a rainbow that doesn't appear in the sky after the rain, but it often appears in my heart and beats me... Do things conscientiously and straightly, and be innocent.

5. Dear teacher -- the season wind of gratitude blows through my eyes, and the rain falls in my heart. I can't help but remember my childhood and greet you quietly.

6. Keep a memory in my heart forever... Bless you, miss you, my dear teacher.

7. The melodious bell and the enchanting flowers are all limited by time. Only my blessing will always bless you to give me the teacher of wisdom spring.

8. You light my way with the torch of life. I want to say to you heartily: Thank you, teacher.

9. On this special day, I want to say to you: Happy Teacher's day. I hope you will be healthy and happy in the future.

10. Dedicated to the beloved teacher, we search for those beautiful memories. I wish you health and happiness forever.

11. My dear teacher, my success is your support. Thank you in thousands of words - you are my forever teacher and forever friend.

12. Your hard work is your selfless dedication, and your highest honor is to fill the world with peaches and plums. Wish you a happy holiday. Happiness forever.

13. Teachers under the sky, you are the dazzling stars in the sky. Use your bright stars to light up the hearts of every student, bless you and thank you.

14. Success comes from your cultivation, and excellence comes from your cultivation. While cheering for today, we will always remember your original teachings and maxims.

15. Miss you, miss you teacher. The memory and blessing for you will increase day by day, and the good people will have a safe life.

16. I know your value only after experiencing the wind and rain; I know your greatness only after stepping on the success; -- thank you, my respected teacher.

17. We admire your knowledge, admire your conduct, and celebrate your festival with us. Happy holidays, teacher.

18. You are like a hard gardener, we are like the small trees you cultivate. We are willing to resist the cold in winter, bring you green in spring, cool in summer and fruitful in autumn.

19. With your teaching along the way, you will not lose your direction; with your attention along the way, you will be more confident and brave, teacher, thank you.

20. Teacher's Day is coming. I send you a blessing with the taste of scholar. I hope you will worry about infinite high-level, continuous and derivable good luck. The ideal must be luobida, the life is not monotonous, the road is not concave and convex, the derivative function of money is greater than zero, and the limit of happiness is infinite.