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What to do if you have angular stomatitis? How good is angular stomatitis

As the saying goes, angular stomatitis is a bad mouth. It's painful and irritating to get it. How can you get it quickly? Don't worry about reading the following article.

How to recover quickly from angular stomatitis

Pay attention to oral hygiene and facial moisturizing

After eating food, remember to wash your mouth and brush your teeth. If necessary, you can use oral cleaner to help. In this way, you can wash your teeth thoroughly and strengthen your oral hygiene. The face is very close to the mouth. When the face such as facial features, lips are too dry, before cracking, it should be given a moisturizing repair. For example, apply moisturizing cream, lotion, or glycerin.

Tip: when the lips are dry, remember not to lick them with your tongue, because amylase and lysozyme in saliva are left at the corners of the mouth, which is easy to make the lips feel dry and may cause erosion.

Pay attention to the rest time

If you often stay up late, if your work and rest time is not fixed well, it is easy to lead to the disorder and disorder of human endocrine, so that the body appears a lot of wrong signals. It seems that many diseases occur. Angular stomatitis is one of them.

Pay attention to nutrition balance

We have to cultivate a good habit of protecting our body since childhood. We should develop the concept of balanced nutrition from childhood. We need to eat vegetables, fruits, millet, milk, eggs and other protein foods every day, so that the human body can not lack the daily needs.

Pay attention to vitamin problems

a: We all know that vitamins play a very important role in our daily body. In particular, vitamin B2 should not be deficient. According to the investigation of medical research, lack of vitamin B2 and folic acid is more likely to cause angular stomatitis.

b: Methods in addition to the fruit supplement above, vitamin B2 can also be taken orally.

c: The food of vitamin B2 includes: animal liver, egg, milk, beans and some vegetables, such as xuelihong, rape, spinach, green garlic and other green leaf vegetables can provide vitamin B2.

How long does it take to recover from angular stomatitis

Generally 3-7 days of self recovery. Usually drink more water, eat more fruits and vegetables, eat less spicy things, you can properly supplement vitamins, use antibiotic ointment to smear the affected area

Patients with angular stomatitis must pay attention to diet in the recovery period, do not eat spicy food. If the angular stomatitis is stimulated, it will be difficult to recover or even leave scars. After scabbing, do not touch it with hands, so that the scabs will fall off naturally. When drinking water, try to use a straw to avoid water immersion to the corner of the mouth, eating mainly liquid food, reduce chewing.

What fruit is good for angular stomatitis


Apple contains protein, carbohydrate, vitamin B2 and other nutrients, which can not only supplement various nutrients needed by the body, but also reduce blood pressure, reduce fire, treat periodontitis and other effects; apple can not only be eaten raw, but also be cooked, cut the apple into eight pieces, put it into a cold water pot and boil it, then take out the apple to eat, and treat the chapped lips caused by stomatitis Gingivitis and other symptoms have a good effect.


Pear is rich in carotene, riboflavin, vitamin B2, protein and other nutrients. It has the functions of promoting body fluid, relieving toxin, moistening dryness and resolving phlegm. It is especially suitable for the patients with angular stomatitis who have dry mouth, dry mouth and sore throat. Pears can also be stewed and eaten together with ice sugar, which has the effect of reducing fire, moistening lung and relieving cough. So patients with angular stomatitis can eat more.


Watermelon contains a large number of carotenoids, vitamin C, vitamin B2, minerals and a variety of amino acids. It has the effect of heat and dampness elimination, thirst quenching, etc. it can not only meet the needs of the body for a variety of vitamins, but also facilitate the consumption of patients with angular stomatitis. Patients with angular stomatitis can eat more, which has a significant effect on relieving dry mouth and sore throat caused by angular stomatitis.


Huolongguo is rich in vitamin B2, which has the functions of clearing away heat and cooling blood, promoting body fluid and relieving thirst. If the patients with angular stomatitis eat more, it can effectively improve the symptoms of chapped corners of the mouth, dry mouth and sore throat.


Olive is rich in nutritional value, contains a large number of vitamins, vitamin B2, carbohydrates and other nutrients, with the effect of promoting body fluid, relieving cough, anti-inflammatory and detumescence. It can significantly improve the lip dryness, tongue dryness, edema and so on, so the patients can eat more.


Orange is smooth, vitamin, vitamin B2, malic acid, calcium and phosphorus are rich, with the functions of clearing away heat, expelling toxin, eliminating phlegm and reducing Qi, and relieving thirst. Eating more oranges is good for vitamin supplement and helps patients with angular stomatitis recover, so patients with angular stomatitis should eat more oranges.


Banana is cold and sweet. Banana is rich in sleeping compounds, minerals, vitamin B2, etc., which can enhance the immune ability of the body, effectively help patients with angular stomatitis to prevent the re invasion of bacteria, so as to speed up the rehabilitation of patients with angular stomatitis. So patients with angular stomatitis can eat more.