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How to remove the shrimp line quickly

How to remove the shrimp line quickly many friends like to eat shrimp, but it's a very troublesome thing to go to the shrimp line. There are many dirty things in the shrimp line, so the cooking money must be cleaned up. Today, Xiaobian will teach you some simple and quick ways to go to the shrimp line!

1. Toothpick method

It can be said that the best way to remove shrimp floss is to use dental floss. Experts specially remind people who are not fastidious about their diet that they must remove shrimp floss before eating shrimp. Otherwise, not only diarrhea and other symptoms are likely to occur, but also food poisoning may occur in serious cases. In fact, the method of using toothpick to remove the shrimp line is very simple. You only need to use toothpick to pass through the middle of the first and second reciprocal sections of the shrimp body, and then pick up the shrimp line.

This time is not over, because the shrimp line is not completely removed at this time, so after picking the shrimp line with a toothpick, you should hold the broken line again, and then pull out the shrimp line completely, so that you can eat at ease.

2. Stripping

Many people like to cook the shrimp before they go to the shrimp line, but this method is the most inconvenient. Usually, the best way to quickly remove the shrimp line is to peel it alive. It seems bloody, but it's not. The so-called live peeling refers to grabbing the live shrimp by the neck and then pulling the head out with the shrimp line. In this way, the shrimp line on the back of the shrimp can be completely removed in the shortest time. It can be said that the shrimp line is the easiest to go when they are raw.

This method does not need to be cut at the back, and then put the decapitated shrimp in boiling water for 1 to 2 minutes, until the shell turns red. The purpose of this time is not to cook it, but to make its shell hard so that it is easy to remove the shrimp shell.

3. Shrimps with protruding head

There are many ways to get to the shrimp line in life. There is also a very simple and effective way. Generally, there is a protruding thorn in the middle of the shrimp head. At this time, you only need to use scissors to cut a hole in the thorn position, and then use the plane of scissors to pick out the whole brain. At this time, the whole shrimp line will be pulled out. This method can not only easily go to the shrimp line, but also maintain the integrity of the whole shrimp, so some people who have perfect requirements for things can try this method.

But when using this method, we must pay special attention to it. Use scissors to pick and don't break the brain, otherwise the shrimp line won't come out. Therefore, after cutting with scissors, we must use the plane pick of scissors.

In addition to the way to go to the shrimp line, we should also pay special attention to the precautions for eating shrimp. Experts remind that no matter you eat shrimp or other seafood, you can't eat a large number of foods rich in vitamins at the same time. Otherwise, it is easy to have arsenic poisoning and other symptoms, seriously affecting human health and life safety.