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What's the matter with the sticky skin of the ice skin moon cake? How to preserve the ice skin moon

Ice skin moon cake is different from common moon cake in appearance, taste and making method. Many friends like to make moon cakes by themselves, and they can also make ice skin moon cakes. What about the sticky skin of ice skin moon cakes? How to store the ice moon cakes? Come and have a look.

How to deal with the sticky skin of ice skin moon cake

If the ice skin is not sticky, you must be careful when steaming. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and poke holes. Just like steaming eggs with water, do not add extra water to the ice skin. In addition, it must be steamed. Generally, steam for about 20 minutes after boiling, but the safest thing is to open the fresh-keeping film to see if the color and texture of the steamed batter are uniform. If the center is white or liquid, you need to steam for a while.

Finally, steam and knead the dough. If there is a cook machine, go to the cook machine directly. If the skin is not hot, knead it. Don't knead it until the skin is completely cold. Knead the dough until it's cold and doesn't stick, then you can pack the stuffing.

Complete cooling

After the ice skin is steamed, it should be completely cooled before filling, otherwise it will stick. It's normal for the ice skin to stick to the hands after cooling. It can be solved by sticking some cake powder on the hands. If it is still very sticky after cooling, one of the reasons may be that the bowl is not covered with fresh-keeping film when steaming, and the other may be that the ice crust is not fully steamed, resulting in sticky.

Use sticky rice noodles

Compared with glutinous rice flour, glutinous rice flour is not sticky, which can avoid too soft glutinous taste of ice skin. Wheat starch, also called chengmian, not only makes the ice skin look more transparent, but also increases the toughness of the ice skin taste. Therefore, it is not recommended to replace it with other starch. Unless you really can't buy wheat starch, use corn starch instead.

Wear gloves

Because the ice crust is sticky, many people like to use more fried glutinous rice flour when wrapping, but it will affect the taste of the ice crust moon cake, which is a bit choky. When the bag is put on, the disposable gloves will not stick to the hands.

Refrigerate in advance

Put the ice skin in the refrigerator for a period of time in advance, and then take it out when the ice skin drops to the refrigeration temperature. At this time, the ice skin will not be too sticky.

Pay attention to die force

Don't use too much force when pressing the final mold of ice skin moon cake, otherwise it will cause difficulty in demoulding.

How long does the ice crust keep at normal temperature

Ice skin mooncakes should not be preserved for more than two hours at normal temperature.

Specific analysis:

1. Ice skin moon cake is different from the traditional Guangdong moon cake. Ice skin moon cake is made of special ice skin flour, which is mixed with cold boiled water to form a dough, then packed with stuffing and put into the mold.

2. Although the hygiene control of the whole process is very strict, it does not need to be baked at high temperature, so the risk of microorganism will be higher. Therefore, during the transportation and storage of ice skin moon cakes, more strict temperature control is required.

3. When carrying ice skin moon cakes or ice-cream moon cakes outdoors, you should use a travel refrigerator to refrigerate the moon cakes, and take out the moon cakes from the refrigerator before eating.

4. Therefore, if the ice skin moon cake is placed at room temperature for more than two hours, it should be discarded, otherwise the friend with weak gastrointestinal function will easily get gastroenteropathy after eating.

Key points of preservation of ice skin moon cake:

1. Therefore, the insulation measures must be taken at room temperature. For example, the bakers have prepared a special insulation bag for ice skin moon cakes or for ice cream. Under the protection of this bag, the ice skin can be kept from melting for two hours.

2. In addition, when the frozen moon cake is stored, it should not be put together with other food and sundries, so as to avoid cross flavor and loss of original taste and characteristics.