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How old is Jiang pingting? Personal information of Jiang pingting's real life photo

How old is Jiang pingting? Personal information of Jiang pingting's real life photo Jiang pingting has become popular recently. Many netizens are picking up Jiang pingting. Jiang pingting has become the focus of netizens' discussion because of her proud bust. Who is Jiang pingting? How old is Jiang pingting? Let's take a look at Jiang pinting's profile background.

Who is Jiang pingting

According to Jiang pingting's personal data, she was born in 1988. She usually loves body-building yoga and human body art. Her figure is very enviable. Jiang pingting is from Chongqing. She seems to be very popular on Weibo. She has participated in Miss Chongqing beauty pageant and won the best talent award. Now she lives in Singapore.

In the afternoon of September 2, Liu qiangdong's sexual assault and arrest made a lot of noise on the Internet. Although it was said that BOE had sent a response to the incident for the first time, saying that it was untrue news, but because of Wang Sicong's involvement, it was just like adding fuel to the fire. Since then, mainstream media reports such as the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal seem to have identified Liu as being arrested on suspicion of sexual assault.

For a while, Liu qiangdong and Zhang Zetian were pushed to the forefront of the storm. However, it seems that the busy netizens will never be too big. On the night of September 2, some netizens suspected that they had picked up the photo of Liu qiangdong's alleged mistress.

According to the photos published by netizens, the heroine suspected of Liu qiangdong's sexual assault has a plump figure, which is totally two types compared with the pure and sweet looking milk tea Sister Zhang Zetian. It is reported that Jiang pingting, a Chongqing native, has participated in Miss Chongqing beauty pageant and won the best talent award. Now she lives in Singapore. Micro-blog is named Nico Jiang Pingting, and has one hundred thousand fans in the tiktok. He has also been selected as a World Cup football baby.

She likes to go to the gym for sports and is also a Yoga expert. According to her Ig, her life is quite colorful and diverse. She has also participated in drama performances and often traveled to share her life.

Although Jiang pingting's body is hot and not bad, if you think about it carefully, it's unlikely that Jiang pingting is the one, because she doesn't look like a female college student. Liu qiangdong's female leader in the case of sexual assault arrest is a female college student, and there is no evidence to prove that Jiang pingting is still studying. The reason why some people say it's Jiang pingting is that some netizens say it's because Jiang pingting wants to deliberately rub off the heat, and wants to take the opportunity to become a hot Internet user.

Police in henneping County, Minnesota confirmed to reporters that Liu was released on bail after being arrested. The reason for his release was related to the time of arrest. The police also provided photos of Liu's arrest. Police said the case is still under investigation and no one has formally filed a lawsuit.

Jingdong said in a statement yesterday that 'Mr. Liu qiangdong encountered false accusations during his business activities in the United States. After investigation by the local police, no wrongdoing was found' and accused the Internet of spreading false rumors.

But John elder, a police spokesman in Minneapolis, Minnesota, who was responsible for investigating the case, told a media that the case was currently under investigation and he didn't know the result of the statement made by the party - "no misconduct was found after investigation by the local police".

Personal information of real life photo of Jiang pingting

Online information shows that the beauty is Jiang pingting, 30 years old, Chongqing sister, height 166, bust 36e, Zhang Zetian and Jiang pingting, which do you like? Milk tea sister second changes Matcha sister