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How much is the meetday air cushion color number

Meetday air cushion is a popular domestic air cushion recently. The evaluation of this air cushion is good. So what's the price of metesday air cushion? Get to know it with Xiaobian!

Price of metesday air cushion

Price: 90 yuan

Specification type: normal specification

Brand: meet day

Name: light moistening blemish air cushion BB cream

Efficacy: Concealer brighten skin color, natural moisturizing and lasting moisturizing.

Origin: China

Suitable for skin type: any skin type

Meetday air cushion is a domestic brand with a price of less than 100 yuan. Before this brand, it was relatively small. Recently, it's full of fire. This air cushion is rich in 8 natural plant extracts, such as ginkgo, aloe and pomegranate. It can also be used for sensitive muscles!

How about the meetday air cushion

This type of air cushion is moist, moisturizing OK, and concealing ability. In general, it is a very good price performance air cushion.

Netizen evaluation:

Air cushion is really fat and natural. It fits my skin color very well. Air cushion in yellow! How touching! Packaging is also very cute, and it will also talk about local love words, that is, the strength of Concealer is worse, it needs to be overlaid, and also very moist.

The effect of Concealer is normal, and the 1 color is not very white. For me, people who wear makeup everyday can still do it.

The air cushion has been used, the color is OK, and the durability is not so good. I'm oily skin, and I've almost taken off makeup in two hours. Especially in the T area, the oil is strong, and the covering power is not very good. Maybe I have too many flaws, which should be suitable for dry skin, while I'm a field of oil.

I use the most white color number, one face is particularly moist and natural, the key is, so moist, clear sense is very good, but also Concealer!!! The effect of Concealer is extreme for an air cushion.

How to choose the color number of meetday air cushion

This air cushion is currently available in two color numbers, 01 light and 02 natural.

#01 light skin tone can brighten the skin tone, create a white and transparent makeup effect, suitable for girls with fair skin.

#02 natural color concealer to repair the face, create natural nude make-up effect, suitable for skin feeling or yellowish female.

Method of replacing air cushion powder core:

1. Press and hold the bottom to push up

2. Take out new BB cream to replace

3. Put the replacement at the coffee position and press it to finish.