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Can eyelash growth liquid be used to grow eyebrows

Eyelash growth liquid is a product for eyebrow growth. Can you use eyelash growth liquid if you want to increase eyebrows? What other way to grow eyebrows? The following editor recommends several ways to grow eyebrows.

Can eyelash growth liquid be applied to eyebrows

Eyelash growth liquid can be applied to eyebrows, but it may not work as fast as eyelashes. The main effect of eyelash growth liquid is to promote hair growth.

There's nothing wrong, but the effect may not be, after all, it's special for eyelashes. The head skin is different from the eyelash skin. Hair products are recommended.

Other ways to grow eyebrows:

1. Castor or olive oil

At night, with castor oil or olive oil, can promote eyelash growth, thick. This is an old method. Although the effect is slow, it is true. In addition, add lemon peel fragments into the small oil bottle and rub daily to make the eyelashes more gorgeous.

2. Liquid protein

Liquid protein is an auxiliary food, which can be applied every night to enhance the strength and length of eyelashes.

3. Vaseline

Vaseline is applied every night and in the morning to help prevent or correct broken eyelashes.

4. Vitamin D

Cut a vitamin D capsule every night, pat it on the eyelids and eyelashes, and use it for 3 months, which can produce obvious effect.

Can eyelash long liquid be permanent

It's not permanent.

Principle of eyelash growth fluid: eyelash growth fluid contains a component called EPM, which is composed of 10 amino acids. It is a part of human tissue protein. It can produce hair cells and formal tissues, activate dormant hair follicle germ tissue, and promote the rapid growth of eyelashes.

Normal and qualified eyelash growth fluid is safe without side effects. Its main components are biological enzymes and amino acids. After use, it can make hair cells and form tissues, activate dormant secondary hair follicle germ tissue, and make hair grow. Eyelash growth fluid itself has no side effects, but it does not exclude the harmful situation in some cases.

In the eyelash growth liquid, there are chemical and hormonal ingredients. If it is accidentally found in the eyes, it will definitely stimulate the eyes. If it is light, it will turn red. If it is serious, it will cause eye swelling, congestion, pain and other symptoms. If it is serious, it is necessary to see a doctor in time. In addition, when eyelash growth liquid is inadvertently put into the eye, it is necessary to wash the eye with clear water quickly to avoid its ingredients continuing to irritate the eye.