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What is a good gift for teachers on Teachers' Day

Teachers are known as gardeners, candles and so on. They are all metaphors of dedication. Teachers are really very important roles in people's lives. They guide you to teach people and benefit them for life. Teacher's Day is coming. How can I give my teacher a gift to express my respect? Here are some gifts for teachers on Teachers' day. I hope they can help you.

Teacher's Day gift ranking 1: pen gift box

As a teacher's Day gift, sending a Parker pen to the teacher is both practical and dignified, because the pen should be the most commonly used object in the teacher's life. It is necessary to use a pen no matter for correcting homework, signing or preparing lessons. Carrying a good pen with you will make the male teacher more face-to-face, so the editor thinks that sending a good pen to the teacher as a teacher's Day gift is the most appropriate choice !

Teacher's Day gift ranking 2: Creative vase

Now it seems that all over the country have issued regulations that do not allow teachers to receive flowers, but it also does not hinder everyone's respect for teachers. If you can't send flowers, it's better to have a vase to decorate. It's a beautiful home decoration. The flower shaped vase can be used as a pen holder or as a flower and grass, which is really practical. The key is beauty. The vase is a work of art. It's carved with gorgeous flowers. There is no flower arrangement. It seems that it has the fragrance of flowers.

Teacher's Day gift ranking 3: Carnation crystal ornaments

When it comes to carnations, people usually think of mothers, but how can teachers' love for students be different? In 2016, it's better to choose a carnation crystal, which can shine at night, cheap and meaningful. Crystal lettering is more memorable. It is a treasure that can be treasured forever on Teachers' day, whether it's a gift from a unit or a student.

Teacher's Day gift ranking 4: the rose with soap

It's human nature to love flowers. A simple bunch of flowers will brighten people's eyes, and clear away the gloom, boredom and melancholy. Usually send flowers to others, they won't refuse, and feel special face. Therefore, it is still a good choice to send flowers to teachers as a teacher's Day gift this year, and soap flowers are also popular in the last year or two. Soap flower has a light fragrance and can be put for a long time. It will not bring mosquito troubles if it is put for a few days like flowers. Female teacher preferred!

Teacher's Day gift ranking 5: carved teacup

Of course, there is no lack of male teachers in the teachers' team. They talk frequently at ordinary times. Drinking water and tea is also indispensable. A teacup with purple sand that can be engraved is definitely a teacher's Day gift that other people care about. As the most intimate gift, the thermos cup follows the teacher's every day, from the classroom to the office, and engraves your blessing on it to make him / her feel warm.

Teachers' Day gift ranking 6: Books

Highlight: teachers deal with books all day long. Such spiritual food is certainly their favorite. On such a special day as teachers' day, he must be deeply moved to send a carefully selected book to teachers. This kind of gift is very meaningful, and for teachers, there is a choice, or to buy some teaching books for themselves, or to buy some story books for children, or to buy some health care books for elders, which are good choices. Or send a small gift certificate of Music Bookstore, or choose a suitable CD or DVD.