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What's going on with delivering yourself? Sheng Mengbao's mother delivered the baby for herself

Generally speaking, many doctors and nurses are needed to deliver a baby in hospital, but have you ever seen an example of delivering a baby for yourself? I didn't expect that such a thing really happened in real life, such a Baoma is so fierce!

With the accumulation of rich and professional medical skills and clinical experience, it is not uncommon for doctors to pull out their teeth and make colonoscopy. Just yesterday, the obstetrician of a hospital in Shunde delivered the baby himself and successfully completed a special delivery.

Last night, the reporter contacted Lu, the brave mother who delivered the baby to him. The reporter learned that Xiaolu, 28 years old this year, is an obstetrician in Shunde Hospital of Southern Medical University (formerly the first people's Hospital of Shunde District). He has been engaged in obstetric work for more than two years. Although he has delivered numerous babies, he has delivered them for the first time.

Lu told reporters about the process. Lu told reporters that at about 8 o'clock yesterday morning, she was 41 weeks pregnant and found that she began to have contractions. 'I think the baby is coming out. After thinking about it, I decided to try to deliver myself once. "Then, when Xiaolu opened the palace, the anesthesiologist gave him local anesthesia. 'after anesthesia, it's not very painful. The process is easy. '

Before I decided to deliver the baby myself, I also discussed with the directors and doctors of the Department, and thought that the risk was not very big before I & lsquo; willful & rsquo; once. "Xiaolu said that during the delivery process, the head nurse, the nurse and the midwife were waiting for him. After noon, the baby's head slowly emerged. After the midwife helped Xiaolu hold the head for a while, Xiaolu slowly 'picked up' the baby himself.

This process, from 8:00 a.m. to 2:45 p.m., ended smoothly. 'the baby is born! It's very healthy, 6 Jin and 8 Liang. It's a girl baby, very lovely. 'Xiaolu said happily that the production process is not too painful. The head of Obstetrics of the hospital also said that in the process of mother's land birth, there are midwifery medical staff's delivery technology, appropriate technology in delivery and so on, to ensure safety.

Why do you choose such a way to be a mother? Xiao Lu said that because he has been engaged in obstetric work for a long time, he has read a lot of information about the delivery of foreign pregnant women by themselves. 'it's very common to deliver a baby by yourself in foreign countries. "Xiaolu said that on the one hand, she can cut the umbilical cord for her baby later; on the other hand, as soon as she comes to the world, she will see her mother at the first sight and let her mother and baby contact earlier. 'cutting the umbilical cord later can improve the blood circulation function of the baby. Many foreign obstetric hospitals have relevant practices. '

'at first sight, I am very happy to see my baby. My eyes are blinking. 'when the baby came to the world, Xiaolu immediately put the baby on his chest and felt very warm. Xiaolu told reporters that the first delivery of his life to deliver himself is a unique life experience.