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2018 Disney gift box where to buy Disney mooncakes how much is a box

2018 Disney gift box where to buy Disney mooncakes how much is a box the annual Mid Autumn Festival is coming soon. Disney will launch limited edition gift boxes every year. Where can I buy 2018 Disney gift box moon cakes? How much is a box of Disney mooncakes? Let's have a look.

Where can I buy the 2018 Disney moon cake gift box

It is understood that there are still many sales channels for Disney moon cake gift boxes, which can be purchased in RT mart, HEMA Xiansheng and other large supermarkets, tmall, JD, vipshop and other e-commerce platforms, as well as wechat mall and other platforms.

How much is a box of 2018 Disney mooncakes

Disney cool series -- happy classic moon cake gift box: 298 yuan

A black skin moon cake, which subverts the tradition, quickly becomes the most eye-catching and fashionable 'beauty school'. In recent years, it has been loved and liked by new and old customers, so we have "black skin" happy together!!

Happy children's dream moon cake gift box: 218 yuan

Children's dream gift box is inspired by the romantic, exquisite and dreamlike merry go round. The gift box integrates DIY elements and beautiful music, bringing you the most innocent memories of childhood. Sending lovers, children and friends is like sending a sincere blessing.

90th anniversary of Disney happy new moon cake gift box: 198 yuan

2018 is the 90th anniversary of the founding of Disney. Xinyue moon cake gift box creates the combination of Mickey classic image and Disney moon cake, and also creates a pair of exquisite and fashionable tea cup sets, implying that Disney will bring you happiness' all your life '.

Disney fashion series -- happy and cool moon cake gift box: 198 yuan

This mooncake gift box is made of: 'Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Sichuan'

As the creative source of gift box, through the transformation of different images of Mickey, the perfect integration of Chinese traditional festivals and Western cartoon images. Among them, the moon cake adopts the classic formula from Hong Kong, and is manufactured in Hong Kong. The taste and appearance will attract your love.

Disney fashion series -- happy adventure moon cake gift box: 238 yuan

Adventure gift box has changed the traditional form of packaging, replacing the function of the outer carton by the fashionable handbag, which is the moon cake gift box and the fashionable single product. It not only serves as the packaging of the moon cake, but also performs the environmentalism, and increases the practicability through the handbag. Among them, the moon cake is also made from Hong Kong's classic formula of milk yellow moon cake. How can you miss the fashionable and modern one?

Disney fashion series happy moon cake gift box: 238 yuan

Eat Disney moon cakes, and enjoy the world with the people you like. The concept of gift box originates from the retro suitcase, which increases practicability through the metal texture suitcase, tastes delicious, and enjoys the fun of traveling and returning home.

Happy dream series: 168 yuan

Disney happy dream moon cake, unique handbag gift box packaging, dream and exquisite design, plus the beauty of the moon cake itself, directly hit the girl heart!

Dream 6 pack, each taste is not the same, each can bring new surprises.

Happy Xingqing series: 238 yuan

Disneyland flow heart milk yellow moon cake, imported milk yellow afraid to match with sweet sand egg yolk, in addition to the natural coconut milk, the perfect proportion is refined.

The outer crust is refined and full, thin and soft, and the inner one is rich and long, fragrant, smooth and delicate.

The lovely exterior shape locks in the fragrant cream yellow, which makes people aftertaste.