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How to correct children's myopia can children's myopia recover? How to prevent children's myopia

How to correct children's myopia can children's myopia recover? How to prevent children's myopia according to the relevant data, in recent years, China's myopia is becoming more and more serious, and children's myopia is becoming more and more younger. In addition to the irreversible factors such as heredity, children's myopia also has many external factors, such as the popularity of smart phones, electronic products more and more in children's lives, which are the main culprits of children's myopia.

Children myopia prevention is more important than treatment, so how to help children prevent myopia? How to treat children's myopia? What are the ways children treat myopia? Let's follow the four seas network to learn about it.

Treatment of myopia in children

Longan meat + longan core (i.e. longan with core) + wolfberry. The above three flavors are appropriate. Add water to make tea. Longan core does not need to be broken.

Hangzhou White Chrysanthemum steam eyes with boiling water bubble, be careful not to be too hot, avoid burns.

Boil mutton liver with bronze ware and cover it with flour. Drill two holes on the cake, as the size of human eyes, and smoke it upward with eyes.

Fangfeng, Qianhu, Anemarrhena, Radix Pseudostellariae, Atractylodes macrocephala and other medicinal materials, take appropriate amount, decoct with water.

Carassius auratus a tail (about 200g), medlar 10g, will crucian carp wash viscera, and medlar soup together, eat meat soup, with white fish or other fish instead of Carassius auratus can also be.

1 egg, 1 cup of milk and 1 spoon of honey. Break the egg and pour it into the heated milk. Boil it over a small fire. When the egg is cooked, let it warm. Then add honey to take it.

Pig liver 150g, 1 egg, wash and slice pig liver, add oil and stir fry in the pot, cook rice wine, boil with water, put in egg, add a little salt, take it.

Tremella 20g, wolfberry 20g, jasmine 10g, the above taste of water decoction drink, 1 dose a day, even take a few days.

Other methods of myopia correction in children

medication. The most effective and commonly used drug is atropine, which can paralyze ciliary muscle for a long time. Other commonly used drugs such as cyclopentanone, houmatopine and tropicamide have the common disadvantages of mydriasis, photophobia and near vision decline. Other scholars think that atropine has no obvious effect on progressive myopia, and even if it is effective, because of its long-term use of side effects and tolerance, it can not be used as a conventional drug to control the progress of myopia. It has also been reported that Chinese medicine has a certain therapeutic effect on myopia.

Glasses for myopia. It includes frame glasses, soft contact lenses and hard oxygen permeable contact lenses. Wearing contact glasses for high myopia can increase the field of vision, avoid phase breaking, and reduce the aberrations of the eyes for those with obvious anisometropia, so as to maintain the binocular visual function. Young people with myopia, not only can use contact glasses to increase vision, but also can compress cornea to prevent myopia from continuing to develop.

The harm of myopia in children

It is easy to be damaged. After children get myopia and wear glasses, because children are lively and active, if they are accidentally hit and broken, the light ones will be hurt by the stab, and the heavy ones will lead to blindness.

The academic performance declines, the child has myopia, does not need to wear glasses to read clearly, after wearing glasses, it is easy to cause visual fatigue, inattention, and reduce the academic performance.

It affects children's future. Children get nearsightedness. There are great restrictions on their choice of major and employment, and their future is greatly affected.

Genetic progeny, modern medicine has proved that myopia due to acquired factors, if not treated in time, will also inherit progeny.

It is harmful to physical and mental health. Because children are short-sighted, many kinds of sports activities can't participate in, which affects their normal physical development, resulting in their physical weakness and disease, and their physical and mental health is greatly affected.

The quality of life is low. Due to the shortsightedness of children, daily life is extremely inconvenient. For example, there are many difficulties in communication, travel and entertainment activities, resulting in psychological obstacles, resulting in low quality of life.

If the myopia is not treated in time, it will not only deepen the degree, but also lead to complications such as retinal detachment, macular hemorrhage, glaucoma and cataract, and even blindness.

Daily nursing of myopia

1. Reflection should be avoided

The desk should have side lights to reduce reflections.

2. Moderate reading distance

The standard distance between the book and the eyes is 30 cm, and the height of the chair matches the child's physique.

3. Sit properly

Experts believe that: if the neck has been kept in a forward bending position, the eyeball will be in a state of hyperemia, intraocular pressure will increase, and eyeball uplift is easy to cause myopia.

4. Sufficient and comfortable light

For desk lamp, the bulb should be 40w-60w, and the fluorescent lamp should be 20W.

5. TV distance should not be too long

The distance between the eyes and the picture should be kept more than 3 meters. Take a rest every 30 minutes.

6. Overlooking the mountains and green fields

Often go to the park or open places, so that the eyes have the opportunity to see far.

7. Do not read for too long

No matter doing homework, playing computer or watching TV, the time should not be too long. It is better to take a break every half hour.

Good fruit for eyes

1, blueberry

Blueberry contains a lot of vitamins, amino acids, minerals and other ingredients, especially anthocyanins, which have better nutritional and health care effects. It can also improve blood circulation around the eyes and maintain normal intraocular pressure. These are the "anthocyanins" contained in blueberries. Eating more blueberries can reduce eye fatigue and improve night vision of computer workers.

2. Kiwifruit

Kiwifruit can provide a lot of vitamin C for people, and is known as the 'King of vitamin C'. According to analysis, every 100 grams of kiwifruit pulp contains at least 200 mg of vitamin C, dozens of times higher than the average fruit. Vitamin C can slow down the stimulation of light and oxygen to eyes, and can delay the occurrence of cataract. People who use computers for a long time, eat more kiwifruit.

3, apple

Apple also has the reputation of "Mingmu fruit", because it contains vitamin A and selenium, which are key to vision. According to Indian scientists, the normal retina contains 7 micrograms of selenium, while the eagle eye contains 100 times as much selenium as the human eye, which indicates that the sensitive vision is related to the selenium content; some people who can't see clearly at dusk are also caused by the reduction of rhodopsin synthesis due to the lack of vitamin A. So often eat some apples, can protect vision.