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What are the verses related to Zhongyuan Festival

Every year, the 15th day of the seventh month of the lunar calendar is the Zhongyuan Festival, commonly known as shigu and the half of the seventh month. Buddhism is called the Yulan basin Festival. With the new year's Eve, Qingming Festival and Chongyang Festival, they are both traditional ancestor worship festivals in China, and also popular in the traditional cultural festivals of various countries in the Chinese character cultural circle. On the Zhongyuan Festival, it is customary to set off river lanterns and burn paper ingots. So what are the verses describing the mid Yuan Festival in the ancient poems? Let's have a taste.

Shangyuan Festival, Zhongyuan Festival and Xiayuan Festival are called "Sanyuan", which are traditional festivals in China. The 15th day of the first month of the lunar calendar is called Shangyuan Festival, which is to celebrate the Lantern Festival. It has existed since ancient times. The 15th day of July is called Zhongyuan Festival, which is to sacrifice to ancestors. The 15th day of October is called Xiayuan Festival, which is to eat cold food to commemorate the sages. July 15 is the first full moon night after autumn, when the summer heat just faded, the golden wind is creeping in, and the night is as cool as water.

Zhongyuan in ancient poetry


Li Ying

On the first night of the Jiangnan Water Temple, there is a moon on the side of the Golden Millet fence.

The shadow of the red candle is close to the immortal, and the green ring light is moving.

The fragrant and colorful palace is filled with orchids and musks, and the dew flows around the green clothes.

Wuxia is far away in the night sky of Xiangshui. I don't know how I want to go back.

Watching the moon on the first night of the year

Luo Yin

Misty South Ming moon, surging out of the clouds.

Shoot long whale's eyes and divide the rabbit's hair.

The road is higher and higher at night.

Unexpectedly, I look at the light and shadow at night and hold my head high to make white mash.


Li Shangyin

Jiangjie floating palace country, Yuan Dynasty worship on the Qing Hui.

Sheep's rights must be stripped of gold bars, and Wenqiao's jade mirror platform is finally empty.

I have heard the rain before. I don't know why the flowers are blooming when I get lost.

Have not arrived at Yingzhou far, green bird how poison bird medium.

"The first night of the middle school"


Learning baits is not light. Every night I dream of paying them off.

Ding Ning was invited by the golden concubine alone, and Xu inscribed the name of jade seal script with him.

The moon is bitter, the water is high, and the wind is weak, and the cloud is broken.

In a moment, the window on the pillow is clear, and the dew is pressing a thousand branches.

"Hundred flower islets on the night of the middle Yuan Dynasty"

Fan Zhongyan

Nanyang eunuch Qing crazy hair, not to the mid autumn moon first.

In BaiHuaZhou, I forget to go home at night. The green plane is silent and smooth.

The sky is clear, the sea is clear, the pearl is shining, and the stars are sparse.

Looking at the world under the West Tower, Yingran is in the clear jade pot.

Never avoid the hot summer. It's not natural to have a cool life tonight.

A flute is worth a thousand li of clouds, and the master is drunk with singing.

Guest drunk dance to chase my song, Fu Ge Fu dance as old as he.

Law and practice of Zhongyuan Sun Temple


Four Mencius in autumn, three yuan in gas.

The cloud welcomes the blue falling capital and the palace of zhangzhuyu.

The pagoda flower dew drips from the altar, and the fragrant cypress wind blows.

The feather clothing is ethereal and the jade hub is empty.

For a long time, I've been admiring Xiake, and I've always been sad to gather Polygonum.

How to teach them? I'll visit the Hong family from now on.

Zhongyuan view of law and practice Bu Xu

Yin Yaofan

Wu DUKAI's secret book, Mr. Bai Shili.

The sky is clear in autumn and the sky is clear in the middle of the Yuan Dynasty.

When the stars face the emperor, the crane steps in vain.

The jade hole flower has long hair, and the Pearl palace moon is the brightest.

Sweeping the altar, the heaven and the earth are silent, casting ghosts and gods in fear.

Tang gave Dao and GUIYAO, but they are immortal.

"Presenting the son of Jin in the rain of Zhongyuan"

Zhu Xi

The fire broke out in the West.

It's a happy holiday. The cold rain suddenly surprises the autumn.

In the evening, the blue path is full of trees.

As soon as the inflamed Qi is gone, the stage will never be left.

The sword and the pen follow the screen, the hustle and bustle and the heart rest.

Duanju said sarcastically that the smell of burning incense is really Suwa.

Zi also wrote about literature and history, and this is the same as youyou.

"The first day of the Middle Kingdom"

Zhu Yue fan

Ceramic pillow, single quilt, plain screen, empty room, lying alone in the rain.

Wangchuan old proposed to be built as a temple, the internal history of the new invitation to write classics.

The window bamboo makes the autumn slant lonely calendar, the Yulan begging letter flutters.

In the past few years, I will have to run away, and I will not wake up for a long time.

Seeing the moon in Zhongyuan

Border Tribute

Sit love clear light good, deeper do not go downstairs.

Not because of the leap moon, tonight is the Mid Autumn Festival.