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How can I spend Valentine's day with my girlfriend on Chinese Valentine's day? How to celebrate Vale

Tanabata is a unique festival of our Chinese people, a romantic festival of Chinese people, and a sad old love legend. On this day, there will be many beautiful men and women to spend romantic Valentine's day. So how can the Chinese Valentine's day be the most creative?

How to celebrate the Chinese Valentine's day in 2017

1. Go to the top or high place to see the stars and enjoy the night view

Tanabata is the night when Niulang and Zhinv meet again. It's a good time to express their love. Take the girl who has been in love for a long time to the top of the mountain or the high sightseeing platform that overlooks the night view of the city. In the cool breeze, see the cowherd star and Vega 'meet each other in golden wind and jade dew, but win countless people'. Look at the peace and warmth of the lights in the city. Your confession will definitely have more 'lethality' than usual.

2. Go shopping and watch movies together

Chinese Valentine's Day is not a national legal holiday, most people have to work, so after work, we will meet the business center, have dinner together, and then go shopping, watch a movie, which will be the most popular and practical choice. During the Chinese Valentine's day, it's the turn of the seasons. Shopping malls all over the country are selling at low prices and clearing their warehouses. In this way, you can go together to buy the small bag or skirt that she always wanted to buy but was reluctant to buy. Then holding a bucket of popcorn, watching a touching love movie, plain but very practical.

3. Homemade candlelight dinner at home

If you don't have time or conditions to go to the top of the mountain to count stars and go to the seaside to set off fireworks, it's also a good choice to prepare a candlelight dinner at home. Cooking for a loved one is a happiness, especially on such a romantic night. Although you are busy in the kitchen, but when he opened the door of the moment surprise expression, you will feel that everything is worth it. There is no need for delicacies and delicacies on the table, just a luminous cup and a candle, and the minor key between lovers is full.

4. Play in the playground

If you like people who don't like to play, or you just started dating soon, then you can go to the amusement park to play, is your best choice. During the Chinese Valentine's day, parks and amusement parks around the country have launched many couples' preferential activities and interactive games. It can not only increase mutual understanding, but also relax and release pressure. Before leaving, she (he) will be very excited to issue another "best girlfriend (boyfriend) Certificate".