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How old can a baby fly? Can a baby fly to buy a ticket

How old can a baby fly? Can a baby fly to buy a ticket many friends will take their babies home or out by plane, but they are worried that they are too small to withstand the hardships of the journey. How many big babies can make airplanes? Does the baby need to buy a ticket by plane? Let's have a look.

How old can a baby fly

Air China stipulates that babies born for more than 14 days and in good health can fly.

1. Newborn within 7 days of birth. As the lungs of the newborn are not fully opened, the capillaries are fragile, and the body's tolerance to changes in air pressure, gravity and other factors is weak, so it is not suitable to take the opportunity.

2. It's better to wait until 4-6 weeks before flying with your baby. It's mainly worried that the air reused on the plane is not good for your baby. In the first month, the baby's resistance to the environment is still very fragile, easy to be infected by germs. If he and a large group of strangers are allowed to breathe and recycle the air in a closed environment, they will inevitably be infected by some stray bacteria.

Do you need to buy a ticket for a baby to fly

A baby needs to buy a ticket to fly. According to the relevant provisions of the civil aviation department, 14-2-year-old infants need to buy Infant tickets for flying, the price is 10% of the full adult ticket price, free of airport construction fee and fuel surtax, but no onboard seats are provided. If you need a separate seat, you should buy a child ticket for your baby. The price for children aged 2 to under 12 is 50% of the total price for adults, taking up a single seat. Each adult can only bring one child to enjoy this kind of ticket price. When buying the ticket, they need to show the birth certificate or household register that can prove the baby's age.

The number of infants that can be guaranteed on each flight is limited. Infant tickets must be issued together with adult passengers of the same flight and cannot be purchased independently. Especially in the period of large passenger flow, such as holidays, parents must purchase adult tickets at the same time, put forward the demand of buying baby tickets to the ticket office. If you are unable to issue a ticket, you must call the customer service number of each airline in advance to apply for a baby ticket, or confirm with the airline in advance whether you can issue a ticket. Each ticket office is also responsible for handling the application of infant ticket for passengers in advance. For the ticket office that cannot open infant ticket, passengers can choose to complain to the airline or change a ticket office.

What items should I prepare for my baby by plane

The baby is suitable for the age of flying, but it will inevitably be a little boring for the baby to stay in the cabin for a long time. If the baby is noisy in the plane, it really embarrasses the parents. In addition, parents should also take into account the baby's food, warmth, care and other issues, to prepare comprehensive items for the baby in advance.

1. Travel food: if you are a breastfeeding mother, be sure to prepare enough water for yourself, and pay special attention to hot drinks when flying, to prevent the aircraft from shaking or accidentally scalding your baby.

If it's milk powder feeding, take enough milk powder to drink on the plane before going out. Before feeding time, tell the flight attendant to prepare water. The temperature of water is the safest at room temperature. Before feeding, you must use the back of your hand to test the milk temperature.

If your baby has started to eat complementary food, as long as you bring enough baby food for the journey, you can also ask the airline to prepare baby meal in advance. In order to facilitate cleaning, you can bring a slightly larger bib for your baby, which can cover most of the clothes, has plastic or waterproof layer, and is convenient for scrubbing and reuse. The baby's hand mouth cleaning towel is also a necessary product to ensure the baby's hand mouth health at any time.

2. Care products: no matter the distance, parents should bring enough diapers and bags of dirty diapers to the baby in advance. Don't forget the special fiber cleaning cotton and hip cream for cleaning the baby's buttocks, which can make the baby's buttocks stay fresh and comfortable during the journey. Take moisturizer. After all, the air in the cabin is dry. Occasionally, apply some to keep the baby moist.

3. Recreational toys: bring some toys that your baby usually likes, such as comforting bear, cloth book, etc., to help him cope with the 'boring' of the journey. Parents had better not give all toys to him at once, take them out slowly and equally, and give him a new one when she is tired of playing.