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Chushu friends circle how to send greetings and blessings of 2018 Chushu wechat

Heat treatment is one of the 24 solar terms in China. Tomorrow is heat treatment. After heat treatment, it means autumn, and the temperature in the north will gradually drop. So how to send greetings and blessings about summer? How to publish the friends circle? Come and have a look!

Take care of you when summer comes. Pay attention to your body when the weather turns cool: eat more vegetables, fruits and turnips, except that the air conditioner should not be always on even though it is cold. Keep the indoor ventilation away the germs. Don't forget your happy mood. Wish you good luck, trouble, no chance, happy life and freedom!

I would like to give you cool and comfortable with the solar term of summer heat. I only hope that you will be fresh, comfortable and the drizzle that comes with the wind will be the evidence of the integration of your mind and mine. I love you as I love the air!

When summer comes, eat less carrots to nourish the air. Don't be greedy and pay attention. Turn off the air conditioner less and ventilate more. We often contact each other when we are free. Wish you all the best from time to time. Wish you all the best.

Send you a cup of tea, for you to remove the summer heat, usher in the cool autumn. When summer comes, the weather turns cold. Pay attention to your body and catch cold carefully. I wish you a happy summer, always smiling!

When you are in the summer, you are like a tiger in the autumn. You can send and remember your advice, knock on the drum of friendship, and miss your mood. The autumn wind blows the spectrum of time, and the autumn moon shines on the lake of concern. I wish you a happy life and a happy life.

Summer solar term, I let the sky auspicious clouds take you to run, see the world of flowers to be early. I let the moon and stars around you, and lonely say goodbye. I wish you a happy life and a happy summer.

When the solar term of summer comes, I wish 'summer' well, I can't ask for 'summer' light, head 'heat' brain is very stupid, crunch 'summer' tablet has a good appetite, and it's OK to have 'summer' ticket every day. Bless you: good luck around everywhere, happy around everywhere!

Warm tips: remember to relax when you are tired, have friendship when you are bitter, be beautiful and vivid when you smile, be affectionate when you are sweet, have distinct seasons and colorful life. I wish you a happy summer.

When you get rid of the heat, I'd like to remind you that it's most important to have a good health in your own porridge at any time and to have a heat in your own object. Love is the best way to maintain your health.

When summer comes, it's hot in the afternoon, cool in the morning and evening, and the autumn tiger. Be careful, resist the autumn dryness, drink more water, replenish fruits and vegetables, keep fat in the autumn, exercise more, old friends, send messages, often think about it, send blessings, welcome the golden autumn!