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2018 Asian Games men's 1 / 8 final match schedule 2018 Asian Games top 16 China Men's football match

On the evening of August 20, the men's group match of the 2018 Asian Games was over, and all the top 16 teams were born. Previously, the Chinese U23 team, which won all three games in the group match, will face the third Saudi Arabia team in group F in the 1 / 8 final, while the South Korean team, which owns sun Xingzhi, will face the Iranian team, and the winners of China and Saudi Arabia will face the winners of Malaysia and Japan.

Attached is the specific match of men's football 1 / 8 final in 2018 Asian Games:

Upper half:

Vietnam vs Bahrain

Palestine vs Syria

Uzbekistan VS Hong Kong, China

Iran vs South Korea

Lower half:

China vs Saudi Arabia

Malaysia vs Japan

Indonesia vs UAE

Bangladesh vs North Korea

In the 1 / 8 final, there was a big battle of focus, that is, Iran, the top player in group F, played South Korea, the second player in group E. Even if South Korea is promoted, Uzbekistan will guard 2 / 4 of the sea area. After South Korea lost to Malaysia by accident, it chose a very hard road to win the Asian Games.