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How many colors does oppor17 have? Where can I buy it

Four seas network: with the release date of oppo R17 getting closer and closer, oppo R17 has more and more information on the Internet. Different from Internet mobile phones, oppo's own official has published the price and configuration information of oppo R17. It is reported that oppo R17 will adopt the beauty sharp comprehensive screen, with an amazing proportion of screens. So, how many colors are there in oppo R17? Where can I buy oppo R17? Let's have a look

How many colors are there in oppo R17?

Oppo R17 adopts a 6.4-inch water drop screen, accounting for 91.5% of the screen. The first sixth generation Corning gorilla glass, with a magic color gradient design on the back, is available in two colors: streamer blue and neon purple, which are eye-catching.

Where is oppo R17 purchased?

On August 18, oppo R17, which has been expected for a long time, opened an appointment channel on the official website, which means that the new machine with the water drop screen is getting closer to the official release time on August 23.

Now, if you go to the official website, major e-commerce platforms, offline stores and other channels to make an appointment, you can not only receive multiple benefits including immortalized flowers and Bluetooth speakers, but also choose to use three interest free installment payments when you purchase the machine, so that you can purchase the machine without pressure.

We've heard a lot about R17 recently. In terms of appearance, it's interesting this time, continuing oppo's pursuit of beauty. R17 has created a new magic color gradual change process. With the change of light and shadow flow, two kinds of colors, streamer blue and neon violet, endow R17 with rich and layered beauty, full of visual impact and satisfying the pursuit of young users.

In addition to the colorful back cover, the front design is also eye-catching. R17 is equipped with a customized 6.4-inch water drop screen, which further increases the screen share of the mobile phone to 91.5%. The sense of technology and beauty is more abundant. With the light screen fingerprint technology, both the appearance and convenience are taken into account, which is a new attractive machine.

In terms of configuration, it is reported that oppo R17 will launch the Xiaolong 670 mobile processing platform. The new architecture and 10nm process technology lay a good foundation for SoC performance and power balance, and the actual performance is very promising. However, it's a pity that oppo didn't disclose the information related to R17 pro. It seems that oppo is ready to give you a big surprise at the press conference.