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What's the best jumping position for desert map

What's the best jumping position for desert map Jedi survival updated the desert map to make the game more competitive. In the desert map, due to the relative lack of resources, the location of parachute jumping is very important. It's possible to jump to several houses without finding a gun. It's better to jump to the next desert map.


There is such a fascinating city on this wasteland. Whether its birth comes from the gift of God or from the original sin buried under human nature.

Sin city is located in the center of mirama desert. Although its scale is far smaller than other cities, its prosperity is no less than other cities around it. There is the largest casino in mirama, and one of the only two wrestling venues in mirama is located in the north of sin city.

Tens of thousands of people come here every day, and the people who decide to come here never want to go back empty handed.

Sin city is the best place to get to know mirama for the new visitors to the desert. When you come to the desert, you should first get used to climbing and shuttling between buildings, be familiar with the structure of various buildings, and learn how to observe your enemies. When you choose to land here, you will not have much way back. My advice is to face the fear in your heart. Because there are not many resource points around Sin City, when you choose to drive to other cities, you are often waiting for the ready-made guns and grenades.

Casinos are an important resource point in sin city. In many cases, one casino is enough for two people to spend the early stage. The top floor of the casino will also refresh materials. When you search on the first and second floors of the casino, you must be careful of the people on the top of the casino. They can attack you from the hole in the center of the top of the casino.

If you don't think you're a consultant, jump to the wrestling arena. There is no redundant operation here, that is, land grabbing and killing. Wrestling ground management is one of the richest buildings in mirama, with high efficiency of search, simple terrain and open view. Pick up the gun and knock down all the enemies you can see.

People who live to the end in sin city often hide in red hotels. The two houses are connected in the balcony on the fourth floor. Through the pictures, you can see that there are many windows in the red hotel and the view is very good.

Hacienda del patron

Who has such a huge wealth to build such a luxury villa in mirama. (in the desert map, I found the only house with a garage at present.)

I guess he is a duke or a rich man. The prosperity of St. Martin on the left has something to do with him.

San Martin

When it comes to luxury houses, we have to mention Saint Martin. If you add the wealth of Saint Martin to the luxury houses, it will be no less than the whole lion city.

Why does little Saint Martin (as opposed to lions city) have so much wealth?

The reason why St. Martin is fat is because there are so many buildings.

This building is very easy to brush advanced materials such as sks, Kar 98K, all kinds of assault rifles, 4x, 8x, triple head. But you can't help it if your face is black. This building has a high probability. Pay attention to the probability, not absolute. This is similar to the old map airport. I call it the arsenal.

There are six buildings in Saint Martin, which is why Saint Martin is fat. That's why lion city is surrounded by fat.

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