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Is vivo 23 worth purchasing? Analysis of configuration parameters of vivo 23

Vivox 23 is a mobile phone that will be launched soon. If you are a fan of vivo, you may have paid attention to it. Is it worth buying? What are the configuration parameters of vivo 23? Let's get to know each other.

How about the vivo x23 configuration?

Vivo x23 is a new model of vivo X series to be launched soon. Some netizens exposed the news of vivo x23 on the Internet. Vivo x23 is benchmarked with the oppo R17 to be released in August.

Therefore, vivo x23 should and will not be released too late, which is expected to be in mid September.

According to the current exposure information, the vivo x23 adopts a water drop screen, which is actually a comprehensive screen of Yixing and bangs. The shape of the bangs is similar to that of water drops, which is relatively narrow.

For other parameter information, vivo x23 will carry the latest midrange processor 670670 of Xiaolong, which is located between Xiaolong 710 and Xiaolong 660.

In addition, vivo x23 adopts optical screen fingerprint recognition, 8GB internal measurement, supports fast charging, etc.