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How do ants of the Alipay ant forest team kick the ant ant?

Alipay ants forest combination is a hybrid activity launched by this ant forest. Sometimes trees have been planted and others want to be kicked. Everyone is asking how the captain kicked. Xiaobian brings us the ant forest team leader kicking method to share!

How to kick people in the ant forest:

1, at present, if users want to kick in the Alipay ants forest, it is necessary to click on the ant forest page and select the right side of the "hybrid" function.

2. Next, select three buttons from the top right corner of the hybrid page, and click to enter the 'Settings' page to manage members.

3. In this way, you can click the "manage members" function, enter it, find the person you want to kick out, and delete the other party by the red button on the right.