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Which is the best use of peace elite simulator

Which is the best use of peace elite simulator with the explosion of mobile games and peaceful elites, there are more and more peaceful elites simulators. Many players are looking for various kinds of simulators that are smooth and suitable for themselves. Which is the best one? Let's have a look.

Now there are many special soldiers using simulators to play peace elite. Different simulators are different in optimization and operation. If there are many buttons, full coverage, and easy to operate, it is a great advantage in this combat shooting tour. Let's compare several mainstream simulators to see which one is the most fluent for playing peace elite.

Lightning simulator

Unlimited opening of willful: hang up, small number and multiple games can be played at the same time without restriction

Perfect control experience: playing games with keyboard and mouse, simple and convenient operation, killing mobile party with one hand

New king of performance: strong compatibility with all kinds of games, smooth control, stability and efficiency

Tencent mobile game assistant simulator

Tencent official simulator, optimized for its own game, has a default key setting, which is very convenient. Most computers can use it, with average picture quality.

Blue stack simulator

The core of the blue stack simulator is the core of all simulators, which is equivalent to playing games directly through the original version. Now, Android engine is used. The stability and fluency of the game are relatively guaranteed. Bug rejection and second kill delay are rejected. The headache of the black screen problem of Caton can be solved in one second! Video team can be formed, which is sufficient in all aspects.

Carefree simulator

The limitations of mobile phones make the chicken eating operation seem very rigid, and it can't be as free and smooth as on the computer. On this point, the carefree Android simulator can solve it well. Exclusive keyboard mapping, key mouse operation, accurate shooting.

Night God simulator

The night God simulator has full functions and belongs to the most perfect simulator. However, after the launch of the two Jedi survival official mobile games, unlike other simulators, there is a special version of the simulator. Instead, you need to manually download the game to set the key position. Of course, you can see the players' strategies. It's still good to play with your hands, and the user-defined function is stronger.

The above is the comparison of Jedi survival and elite simulator. Tencent's is easy to operate, but with a little bit of Caton, blue stack is the first simulator to evaluate