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Is it true that Kaiselu can remove chicken skin? What are the ways to remove chicken skin

It's very hot in summer. It's a season of meat. However, in summer, you should not only have a good figure, but also pay attention to your skin. Wear a short sleeve should be clean, but some sister paper is worried that wearing a short sleeve will expose the chicken skin on their arms. Recently, someone on the Internet said that Kaiselu can remove the skin of chickens. Is it true to remove chicken skin? Let's get to know it with Xiaobian~

Kaiselu can go to the chicken skin

Kaiselu is not allowed to go to the skin of chickens.

Kaiselu is a lubricant, the main component of which is glycerin (glycerin has a good moisturizing effect). It can stimulate the bowel wall to cause defecation reflex and is an irritant cathartic. And chicken skin is a kind of hair follicle keratitis, generally does not need treatment, can eat more fruits and vegetables. If it's serious, you can apply 3% - 5% salicylic acid ointment or other acid skin care products. Specific dosage must follow the doctor's advice! The skin is the biggest organ in our body, so we can't do anything about it.

How does chicken skin appear

Skin is an organization that protects our body, helps us to isolate the external harmful substances, and ensures that the water in our body does not drain too fast. But sometimes our bodies make mistakes - we think our environment is very harsh, so we mobilize a lot of strength in the body to produce too much keratin (keratin is an important component of the cuticle, which was intended to protect our body).

There is more keratin, forming a plug around the hair follicle, blocking some sebum inside, forming a 'plug', covering the top of the hair follicle like a lid, forming a 'chicken skin' one by one. But if the body is reassured about our environment, in theory, it can prevent the appearance of chicken skin.

Is there any treatment for chicken skin

Sorry, there's really no good way for this thing. Zhihu's @ giant mouse said that this is a character controlled by genes. Some people's skin (50% in the world -- @ ice cold and Wikipedia's words) will over produce keratin too uneasily for external conditions. As long as the genes of these friends do not change, there will never be a chance to completely eliminate it.

However, there is hope for improvement.

It's just that there's a little problem with the cuticle - too much keratin. Proper exfoliation will help improve the appearance. But don't overdo it - once you overdo it, your body will react more strongly and create more pimples.

In order to avoid small pimples continue to appear after elimination, we must use body milk. Body milk is actually constantly soothing the skin -- don't worry, don't worry, everything is good outside, so you should continue to be a beautiful man peacefully, and don't make a lot of unnecessary and unsightly hills.

Correct treatment of chicken skin

Step 1: make sure your skin's barrier function is complete

According to the routine, the first thing is not how to improve, but whether there is a basic improvement.

There are many friends who feel that they are not clean enough because of the hairy perikeratosis. After rubbing, they wash again and again. They also use various sulfur soaps (bacteria), hand soaps (some hand soaps are a little too mysterious), facial cleansers, brushes, deep cleansing cleansers & hellip; & hellip; all in one.

But the more you do that, the more you convince your body that the environment is terrible and that you have to continue to secrete keratin, and that's even worse.

What's more, it's not a big problem originally. It's been tossed and turned, resulting in a sensitive skin or even dermatitis.

So stop over cleaning first. Body parts, the shower gel that opens the shelf is good, if there is no need to use the shower gel, wash it directly with clear water.

If you have sensitive skin or other symptoms, use some repair products first.

Step 2: exfoliate properly.

Step 3: maintenance

Pay attention to three separate treatments and seven separate nourishments

Perikeratosis, like many other skin problems, is a long-term struggle.

It is the basis of good physical and mental pleasure for the skin to choose the skin care process carefully.