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How to eat crabs? How to eat crabs

How to eat crabs? How to eat crabs

Sihaiwang: every autumn is the season for crabs to mature and plump. At this time, the crabs have the most yellow and the best taste. But can you eat the delicious crabs? How can you eat the crabs? Today, Xiaobian taught you how to eat crabs. The students who can't eat crabs will come to see it!

1. First, cut off the eight feet of the hairy crab, including two tongs (after the crab feet are cooled, the meat will be separated from the crab shell automatically, and it is more labor-saving to stay in the end).

2. Remove the cover of the crab (that is, a small part of the belly button of the crab, with different shapes of male and female crabs) and uncover the cover accordingly.

3. First eat the crab cover, scoop out the middle part of the crab stomach with a small spoon, and gently suck the crab yellow wrapped outside. But be careful not to suck the crab's stomach. It's not clean.

4. Eat crab body, use scissors to cut off redundant crab feet, mouth and lung.

5. Use the handle of the spoon to pick out a hexagonal crab heart in the middle of the crab body and throw it away.

6. Dip a little vinegar into the crab with a spoon, and then eat the crab roe and crab paste. (knock on the blackboard! What's the point!)

7. Break the crab into two parts. At this time, you can see the silky crab meat. Tear it along the crab's feet, and you can tear it out. The crab shell is completely translucent after eating.

8. Use scissors to cut crab legs into three sections. The last section of crab toes can be used as tools. First, poke out the meat in the middle of the crab leg with the sharp end of the crab foot, and then poke out the meat in the front of the crab leg with the thick end of the crab foot.

9. The crab tongs are divided into three sections. The first two sections can cut the shell directly and scoop out the meat with a spoon. Finally, there are still big tongs left. Cut both sides, and then break two tongs with your hands in the opposite direction. The tongs are completely separated.