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When does Apple's airpower go on sale? The price of Apple's airpower is about 1025 yuan in autumn speaking of air power, I believe it's not strange for Apple fans. This product has been released since last year, but it has not been put on sale. And this autumn, airpower is finally coming. It's priced at $149, about 1025 yuan. Like friends waiting for it to come~

Apple has released the airpower wireless charging board last year. The main feature of this product is that it can charge three devices, namely Apple watch 3, three new iPhones and airpods wireless charging box. But the product hasn't been on sale for nearly a year. Recently, according to the charging head network, the product is priced at $149 or $150 and will be available this autumn. Come and have a look.

The product was first reported to be priced at $199 (1261 yuan), but according to the charging head website, the final price of the product may be $149 or $150 (1025 yuan), slightly cheaper than the previous price, but still very expensive.

According to the information from the supply chain, the reason why the price of airpower is too high is that it contains 22 independent wireless charging coils, each of which can control and supply power independently. No matter where the apple mobile phone, watch and other devices are placed on the charging pad, the charging pillow can charge them, because there is enough area of coil inside it to realize power supply at any position.

In contrast, Samsung's recently released wireless charger duo with note9 can support at most two devices to charge wirelessly and quickly at the same time, with a total output power of 25W, which is less than that supported by airpower in terms of the number of devices, but the price is correspondingly cheaper, only 6990 rubles (about 766 yuan).

In addition, in addition to the three new iPhones released last year, airpower is also compatible with the three new iPhones to be launched this year, namely, the 5.8-inch version, the 6.1-inch version and the 6.5-inch version. At present, Apple has joined the wireless charging alliance. Devices such as the iPhone 8 / X support the Qi standard, and third-party wireless chargers can also be used normally. It seems that ordinary users do not need to buy airpower, a product with a high price.

In addition, according to the information released at the beginning of this year, Apple will open the MFI certification of wireless chargers. When charging Apple devices, the power of the products paying the licensing fee can reach 7.5W, while that of ordinary products can only reach 5W. But charging efficiency doesn't seem particularly important in the face of high prices.

The above is about 1025 yuan for Apple's airpower. I hope it will help you.