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The latest running man list announced the latest running man 6 member list

The latest running man list announced the latest running man 6 member list Recently, Deng Chao posted a microblog on the hot search, with only six words' running man's latest list ', which caused many netizens to guess that the latest list of running man's 6 will have the highest voice in the fifth season?

The fifth season of the mainland variety show "running bar" has come to an end. This season, angelababy asked for leave to give birth and joined another female member, delireba. Until the last episode, the show was composed of eight members. But after all, delireba joined as an alternative member. Many fans were worried that she would disappear in the next season. Deng Chao, a member of the program, was on the 17th Accidentally talking about the latest list of running man.

Deng Chao's Po on Weibo on the 17th: "running man's latest list & hellip;", even the official Weibo of "running bar" forwarded his post. Although there was no other specific information, it still caused heated discussion among netizens, and even made a hot search for it. Many loyal audiences left a message saying: "it must be 8!", "there must be a hot bus", "Deng Chao, angelababy, Li Chen, Chen he, Zheng Kai Wang Zulan, Lu Han, dilireba '

In fact, when she took the place of angelababy to join the program, there were many controversies and objections, but she won the audience's support with her unique charm of food and contrast, and baby also mentioned in the interview that because she had a good relationship with Yang Mi in private, she could play together. She was an artist under the other party's banner, so she helped take care of her sister, of course It's a very honored thing. I don't feel embarrassed when I get along with each other. Instead, I think it's because the public pays attention to the program that there will be disputes. I use full positive energy to resolve the doubts of netizens.