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Can scraping cure insomnia? What disease can scraping cure

Traditional Chinese medicine health preservation is a very popular way of health preservation. Many people use scraping to get rid of the moisture in the body and drive away the cold. Can scraping cure insomnia? What disease can scraping cure? Let's have a look!

Can scraping cure insomnia

It can cure insomnia, scraping the acupoints of brain tonic, blood circulation.

1. Scraping can stimulate the nervous system through meridians and acupoints, which can strengthen or weaken the excitation and inhibition activities in the cerebral cortex, promote the normal work of the brain, and effectively adjust the functions of viscera and organs, that is, the original hyperactivity can inhibit it, the original inhibition can make it excited. It is an effective method for insomnia caused by different reasons.

2. Head and foot are the place where the whole body's Yin and yang meridians converge, so scraping at the head and foot can boost Yang Qi, remove fire and nourish yin, balance yin and Yang, and then improve sleep quality.

3、 Scraping has a high curative effect on insomnia, but it must be operated within 1-2 hours before going to bed.

What disease can scraping cure

Many painful diseases can be treated by scraping.

1. Cold is a common disease of respiratory tract, which can occur in all seasons. It is mainly due to the decrease of immune function and the weakening of the function of external health, which leads to the external feeling of cold, heat and heat. There are headache, aching limbs, fever, chills, fatigue, stuffy nose, runny nose and cough. Some patients also have poor appetite, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting and other symptoms.

2. Scapulohumeral periarthritis is also called shoulder leakage wind, 50 shoulders and frozen shoulders. The main manifestations are: pain -- paroxysmal pain in the early stage, often induced by weather changes and tiredness, and then gradually developed to persistent pain, light in the day and heavy at night, unable to lie on the side of the affected side; limited functional activity -- limited active and passive activities in all directions of the shoulder joint. Especially when the shoulder joint is abducted, the typical phenomenon of "shouldering the shoulder" appears. For example, it is difficult to comb and dress.

3. Scraping can assist in the treatment of various diseases, scapulohumeral periarthritis, relieve the body's pain, help to expel the damp cold Qi from the body, assist in the treatment of headache, improve the symptoms of headache, facilitate the treatment of wind cold diseases, and effectively improve the quality of sleep.

4. Various surgical diseases with pain as the main symptom, such as acute sprain, various soft tissue pain caused by wind cold and dampness, various bone and joint diseases, sciatica, periarthritis of shoulder, falling pillow, chronic low back pain, rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, hyperosteogeny of cervical vertebra, lumbar vertebra and knee joint, necrosis of femoral head, surgery such as hemorrhoids, pruritus of skin, urticaria , acne, eczema, alopecia and other diseases.

5. Can be seen in a variety of diseases, such as virus, bacterial infection, fever in the 38C or above, the main performance is high temperature, cold, cough, face red, restless and so on. Yin deficiency is often caused.

Notes on scraping

1. It is not allowed to blow directly to the fan or air conditioner in summer, and it should be kept warm in winter.

2. Scraping has strict requirements of direction, technique and intensity. If it is not properly operated, it is easy to have uncomfortable reactions, and even lead to aggravation of the disease. Therefore, it should strictly follow the operation specifications or follow the doctor's instructions. It is not allowed to operate at home at will to avoid accidents.

3. Patients with bleeding tendency, skin hypersensitivity, extreme weakness and severe heart failure should be forbidden to shave or be careful.

4. Avoid wind and keep warm when treating scraping. When the room temperature is low, the exposed parts should be minimized. When the temperature is high in summer, scraping is not allowed at the fan or convection wind. When scraping, the sweat holes of the skin will be opened. In case of wind chill, the evil Qi can be directly released through the pores, which will not only affect the curative effect of scraping, but also cause new diseases due to the feeling of wind chill.

5. After scraping treatment, in order to avoid the invasion of wind and cold, it is necessary to wait for the skin pores to close and return to their original state before bathing, generally about 3 hours. But in the process of bathing, when the water stain is not dry, it can be scrapped. Because the pores are slightly open when bathing, the scraping time is less and the effect is significant, but it should be kept warm.

6. Drink a cup of lukewarm boiled water, preferably light salt water or light sugar water. The body loses some body fluid in the process of scraping. Drinking salt water and sugar water can supplement the body fluid on the one hand, on the other hand, it can accelerate the metabolism of the body, promote the discharge of body waste, and strengthen the effect of scraping.