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Can hyperplasia of mammary gland cure? How to regulate hyperplasia of mammary gland

Women may suffer from hyperplasia of mammary gland because of depression and work pressure. Can hyperplasia of mammary gland be cured completely? How should mammary gland hyperplasia recuperate? Let's get to know each other.

Can hyperplasia of mammary gland be cured

Adhere to the treatment, or can be cured, but breast hyperplasia recurrence rate is very high, or pay attention to treatment.

1. Hyperplasia of mammary gland refers to the degeneration of mammary duct and lobule in structure and the growth of progressive connective tissue. Its pathogenesis is mainly due to the disorder of endocrine hormone, which is not an inflammation or a tumor.

2. Breast hyperplasia itself is not serious, but the cause of it will cause some other more serious diseases, and hyperplasia may also be malignant, so use some drugs for the cause of endocrine and can prevent malignant breast hyperplasia.

3. Hyperplasia of mammary gland is a common disease in gynecology. Generally, it occurs in middle-aged women aged 25-39 years old. It is manifested as single or multiple growth of some lumps in different parts of the breast, soft texture, unclear boundary, movable, often accompanied by different degrees of pain. Especially before menstruation, after fatigue or anger and other emotional fluctuations, the mass increases and the pain aggravates, while after menstruation, the mass obviously shrinks and the pain alleviates. Generally, pain is flatulence, rarely tingling.

4. If the operation is used to treat breast hyperplasia, it will not be cured in general, because the operation has a high recurrence rate. If the breast hyperplasia is slight, it may be cured through the correct treatment.

How to regulate breast hyperplasia

Generally, we should pay attention to the rest time and relax our mind.

1. Actively regulate menstruation. The occurrence of mammary gland hyperplasia is also related to the menstruation of women. The female friends with irregular menstruation should actively recuperate, eat more vegetables, fruits, beans, etc., so as to reduce the adverse stimulation of mammary gland.

2. Adjust your mind. Hyperplasia of mammary gland is closely related to women's mood. Female friends should keep a positive and optimistic attitude in life, avoid negative, irritable and other emotions, so as to avoid increasing the risk of hyperplasia of mammary gland lobule.

3. First of all, we need to adjust our mentality and keep a good mood. When we are in a good mood, the normal ovulation of the ovary will not be blocked by bad mood, the secretion of progesterone will not be reduced, the mammary gland will not be hyperplasia due to unilateral stimulation of estrogen, and the hyperplasia mammary gland will gradually recover under the care of progesterone.

4. Mental tension, depression, work pressure, overwork and so on are the important factors that affect the endocrine, which are easy to cause breast hyperplasia. Therefore, we should keep a happy, optimistic and healthy attitude, combine work with rest and face life actively, which is conducive to the balance of endocrine and reduce the occurrence of breast hyperplasia.

5. No abuse of health care products, no abuse of health care products containing estrogen or long-term use of beauty cosmetics, breast augmentation products and long-term excessive use of estrogen by menopausal women are considered to be the causes of breast disease.

6. The mental pressure of modern people is generally great, and women's working, interpersonal relationship, family and other conditions may not be as stable as before, but full of changing factors. Some women suffer from endocrine disorders, autonomic nervous disorders, bad sleep and grumpy temper caused by mental factors, which will have adverse effects on the breast.

Notice of breast hyperplasia

1. Breast hyperplasia patients need to pay attention to avoid food stimulation: breast hyperplasia is related to eating habits. If they take too much estrogen in the diet, it will aggravate the symptoms of breast hyperplasia. Therefore, it is suggested that women should limit the intake of food containing estrogen.

2. Women with hyperplasia of mammary gland should pay attention to their mood: if women are in a depressed, anxious and impatient psychological state for a long time, it will easily aggravate the development of hyperplasia of mammary gland. It is suggested that patients should keep their mood comfortable and happy.

3. Many patients, especially young women, are ashamed to say to others when they find a lump in their breast, and are reluctant to go to the hospital for examination. It's true that the mass is enlarged and the pain is aggravated, which has affected the normal work and life. It's only to be treated in the hospital. It's found that the disease has been dragged into a serious disease unconsciously.

4. Here we should remind the patients that about 2% - 3% of the cases of breast hyperplasia may have malignant changes, especially unilateral ones, and those with limited lesions should pay more attention. It is better to recheck once every 3 months. If necessary, biopsy can be done to avoid delay of the disease.

5. Irregular menstruation delayed diagnosis and treatment. Irregular menstruation, disorder of ovarian function, imbalance of the ratio of luteinizing hormone and estrogen will lead to breast cystic hyperplasia.