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How to query iPhone x activation date

How to query iPhone x activation date iPhone X has been released for nearly a year. Now there are many promotions. However, many friends buy non-state-owned versions for the sake of cheapness. In this case, we can check the activation date and warranty date to see if they are second-hand or have been activated by others. So, how to check the activation date of iPhone x? How to check the iPhone x warranty status? Next, Xiaobian brings you the iPhone x activation date and warranty status query method, hoping to help you.

IPhone x activation date and warranty date query method:

Apple official inquiry warranty address:

Input the serial number and verification code of the mobile phone to directly query the activation time of the mobile phone (activation time = warranty period - 1 year)

As long as the phone is not activated, the warranty period is one year. Warranty time is known by activation time.

Users can also extend the warranty period in the official. After all, the maintenance cost of iPhone x is not low, so it is necessary to buy an apple care. The iPhone x is made of double-sided glass and has a full screen, which is not very resistant to falling.