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How to make mutton without mutton smell how to remove mutton smell

Mutton tastes sweet and greasy, warm but not dry. It has the functions of invigorating the kidney and invigorating the Yang, appetizing the stomach and strengthening the spleen. Many people like it very much, but some people can't stand the smell of mutton. How to remove the smell of mutton?

Boiled mutton

Drill some holes in a radish, put it into the pot and cook it with mutton, or put some mung beans in the pot to remove the smell of fishy smell.

Boiled mutton with clear water, add garlic and a little pepper (chili oil or chili noodles and water mixed into a paste), and the smell of mutton can also be reduced.

Wash and cut the mutton, put it into a boiling pot, then pour some rice vinegar. Generally, 1 jin of mutton can be put into 1 jin of water and 0.5 kg of vinegar. Boil to the boil, take out the mutton, and the smell of mutton will be relieved. At this time, remove the mutton smell of braised or other methods can be used.

When cooking mutton, add a certain amount of curry powder to remove the smell of mutton. Generally, put 1 jin mutton in half a bag or 1 / 3 of a bag of curry powder.

Stir fried mutton slices

Make a base oil in the pot. When the oil is hot, put the mutton into the pot. Stir fry mutton until half cooked. Bake with rice vinegar. The amount of vinegar is about one thousandth of the meat. Then add onion, ginger, soy sauce, sugar, cooking wine, anise to be seasoned, and add garlic or mashed garlic when starting the pot. Its smell is greatly reduced, and its flavor is mellow.

The bottom oil in the pot is stir fried with ginger and garlic. Stir fry the mutton until it is half cooked. Then stir fry the green onion. Then add soy sauce, vinegar and cooking wine. Stir fry it for a few times. Start the pot and make sesame oil. It tastes delicious and has no fishy smell.