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How much can yu'ebao put in 2018 at most? What is the annual income of yu'ebao

How much can yu'ebao put in 2018 at most? What is the annual income of yu'ebao

Sihai network: many people love to put their spare cash in Alipay's balance treasure, which allows money to generate money, and the interest of the balance treasure is relatively high. How much can the 2018 balance treasure be put at most? How much does yu'ebao earn in a year? Let's learn about it with

Yu'ebao can only put 100000 yuan at most. Don't be afraid I have a move here!

If the money in your yu'ebao doesn't amount to 100000 yuan, you can continue to put it in. This adjustment has little impact on you. After all, you don't have 100000 yuan. Tianhong fund also said that the funds held by users of yu'ebao are mostly small, with an average amount of only thousands of yuan per household. The amount of 100000 yuan can meet the cash management needs of most users of yu'ebao.

However, for those who deposit a large amount of funds in yu'ebao as fund investment, they may have to find a more suitable financial management channel again, because the account funds reach or exceed 100000, users can no longer transfer funds into yu'ebao.

However, things are not so absolute.

After adjusting the amount of the balance, Xiaobian tried to buy other monetary fund products in Alipay ant wealth, and found that if the bank card was used to pay for the purchase, after the cancellation of the transaction, the payment of funds did not return the bank card, but it was returned to the balance treasure.

Although yu'ebao will return once, ant financial has more choices in fund sales.

In June this year, ant financial service upgraded its financial management platform "ant Jubao" to "ant wealth" and launched its wealth number. On fortune, the fund company can operate and sell the fund independently, and can also provide differentiated services for different users by combining the user portrait, marketing tools and AI technology provided by ant financial.

These fund companies will naturally put money funds on the market. At present, the money fund products of many companies including Boshi fund, CCB fund, ABC fund, China Merchants Fund and BOC fund have been launched successively.

The same is the monetary fund, will they fight with yu'ebao? Zu Guoming, vice president of ant wealth business division, has interpreted the difference between yu'ebao and the Monetary Fund in the wealth number: yu'ebao is characterized by its combination with consumption scenarios, and the latter is a universal T + 1 monetary fund, which is a pure financial product.

How to calculate the daily income of yu'ebao?

The daily earnings of yu'ebao are different, which is mainly affected by every 10000 earnings published by the fund company on that day. The calculation formula of yu'ebao's daily earnings is as follows:

Daily return = (yu'ebao confirmed amount / 10000) x every 10000 returns published by the fund company on that day.

For example: Xiaoming has a confirmed share of 100000 yuan, and the income of 10000 shares on that day is 0.8, so Xiaoming's income on that day is (10W / 1W) * 0.8 = 8 yuan.