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An analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of which is better

Compared with sanitary napkins, sanitary napkins are clean, portable, and more and more popular with girls, especially when swimming in the water, it is very convenient to use sanitary napkins. How many kinds of sanitary napkins are there? Which is better, sanitary napkins or sanitary napkins?

There are several kinds of tampons

There are two types of sliver:

1. One is the catheter type, which is pushed into the private place by something like a syringe, and the fingers won't touch it, so it's not afraid of health problems, and it's also a better type for novices. But the catheter itself is not environmentally friendly, and because of its large volume, it takes up more space to carry;

2. The other is the finger pushing type without catheter. As the name implies, only the "cotton strip" that absorbs menstrual blood needs to be pushed by fingers. Therefore, people are worried that it is easier to infect (if they wash their hands before and after use, they won't be able to. )People who have been using sliver for a period of time are good at it. For novices, they will not know what to do. It's small and easy to carry, even put it in pants pocket!

Advantages and disadvantages of tampons

1、 Advantages of sliver:

1. Clean: fresh, breathable, non greasy, not sultry and humid in summer

2. Leak proof: Mom doesn't have to worry about me washing the sheets and underpants in the morning

3. Portability: it's convenient to take out. It's not shy to take out. It's also more environmentally friendly than sanitary napkins

4. Freedom: you can also swim during menstruation. There is no problem in sports. You can go to the seaside to play without embarrassment

5. Hygiene: the cotton strip absorbs the blood before contacting the air and causing peculiar smell, which greatly reduces the chance of bacteria breeding

2、 Disadvantages: plug in and pull out will be tense, urine always worry about wetting the rope. At present, the mainstream brand is ob, which will aggravate dysmenorrhea. The first use of foreign objects is very obvious, almost can't walk, used to feel like there's no existence, feel unrestrained, super comfortable.

Which is better, tampon or sanitary napkin

In fact, the sanitary napkin is very soft, and the small one is also easy to carry. Compared with the sanitary napkin, the sanitary napkin is thick and easy to make our private place airtight. The small sanitary napkin, as long as it is inserted into our vagina during menstruation, can absorb menstrual blood, and can also avoid the embarrassment of showing traces. The sanitary napkin is different, Wei Like two children's diapers, shawl can make women feel sultry and airtight in private places, especially in summer. Moreover, it is very easy to breed bacteria. Therefore, compared with the health aspect, the tampon is better than the sanitary napkin.

Notes on tampons

1. It is not suitable for women with gynaecological diseases and who have just given birth to use tampons, because there are germs in the vagina or need to recover during this period of time, so it is not suitable for the built-in tampons.

2. It is necessary to change the sliver every four to eight hours. If the sliver is not changed for a long time, it will not only be unsanitary, but also have the risk of leakage.

3. Use the sliver suitable for your own flow. For example, a few days after menstruation, you should use a light specification of cotton strips instead of super, otherwise you will feel uncomfortable.