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After having a baby, what's going on? How to prevent hair loss after childbirth?

For many mothers who have given birth to children, is it a great deal of hair loss after childbirth, which makes people very scared? Why is hair loss so severe after childbirth? About 35% - 40% of mothers will have different degrees of hair loss after childbirth. What's the reason? Hair grows in hair follicles. Each hair follicle must go through three periods: growth period, quiescence period and abscission period. The hair also has metabolism. It is usually replaced every 5 years.

Because the replacement of hair is carried out by stages and batches, people can't feel it changing. The speed of hair replacement is related to hormone level. After pregnancy, the estrogen in the body increased, prolonging the life of hair, and the hair was in extended service. Postpartum, estrogen levels returned to normal, those overdue service hair will fall off, and the new hair did not grow, green and yellow, so hair loss.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that hair is nourished by blood. Blood must be shed in childbirth, and hair loss is inevitable. Once the hair loss occurs, the parturient will be nervous, anxious and depressed. This mentality will cause mental hair loss and aggravate the condition, thus forming a vicious circle. The more hair loss, the more hair loss. Postnatal hair loss usually occurs between 2-7 months postnatally, which is characterized by hair loss outside the hairline, so that the hairline moves backward, the hair at the temple recedes and the whole head hair is sparse.

How to prevent postpartum hair loss

Mood classic: in pregnancy and lactation, we must keep a good mood and avoid mental tension, because nervous mood can only aggravate the degree of hair loss. Recognize that post natal hair loss is a temporary process. Do not over fear, anxiety, depression, or even mental breakdown, so as not to form a vicious circle, leading to mental hair loss.

Diet: should strengthen nutrition, not picky, partial and taboo. Eat fresh vegetables, fruits, animal protein, seafood, beans, eggs, etc. to meet the nutritional needs of hair and body.

Hair salon: 1. Choose mild, suitable shampoo, wash hair regularly. When washing your hair, you should comb it gently along the direction of hair growth under the shower. Do not pull it all to the front or scrub it forcefully from the back of the pillow to the forehead

2. Comb your hair with a wooden comb, or massage and stimulate your scalp rhythmically with your fingers, which can promote the blood circulation of your scalp, promote the metabolism of your hair, and accelerate the growth of your new hair.