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How long can I exercise after meals? What kind of exercise is suitable after meals

How long can I exercise after meals? What kind of exercise is suitable after meals

Four seas net: after the meal hundred steps walk, live to 99. After dinner exercise, has a lot of benefits to the body, many people will choose to exercise after dinner, but if you exercise immediately after dinner, it will cause harm to the body. In fact, after a meal, a hundred step walk is more suitable for people who have less activities at ordinary times, especially for those who have been in bed for a long time, and also for those who are fat or have too much gastric acid secretion. Xiaobian will take you to know how long is the best time to exercise after meals, and then teach you a few suitable exercises after meals.

1. Half an hour after dinner

In this half of the school, it is most appropriate to have a rest, sit still, chat with family and friends after dinner, and talk about more happy topics after dinner. It not only keeps a good mood, but also ensures the best digestion of food. Some people also say the saying "walk after dinner, live to ninety-nine". Many people advocate walking immediately after dinner to promote digestion and weight loss. For people with good physical fitness, a slight walk after meals is also good, but for many people with poor physical fitness or gastrointestinal disease, you should pay attention to it. After meals, you must have a good rest before you can exercise properly, even for walking.

2、 1 to 1.5 hours after meals

At this time, the peak of food digestion has basically passed. It doesn't matter if you do ordinary sports, such as fast walking, jogging and so on. However, keep in mind that vigorous exercise should be controlled. Especially when you eat a lot of high protein and fat foods that are difficult to digest, it is recommended that you do not exercise violently after this meal. If you plan to exercise, it is better to eat some foods that are easy to digest. Reduce the burden on the stomach.

3. Two hours after dinner

At this time, it doesn't matter that you can start all kinds of sports basically. If you don't exercise any more, it's not far from the time for eating next meal, then you don't have time for sports. When digestion basically comes to an end, the body enters the stage of stable balance, which is also the most energetic period. Running and playing are the best periods. Remember, don't forget to replenish water in time!

Proper exercise after meals

Practice squatting pile

Action: take a step to the left with your left leg, and lift your arms to hold things. Your hands are no higher than your shoulders. Look straight ahead. Squat with knees bent for about 130 degrees, keep your upper body straight and steady; press your hands to keep the same height as your navel for 15 seconds. When the lower limbs appear acid, numbness, swelling feeling, slowly stand up and naturally suck. (this exercise is not applicable to patients with lower extremity joint diseases.).

Function: it can exercise the muscles of lower limbs and waist back and relieve the tension of muscles.

Walk barefoot

Action: choose a clean and smooth path paved with pebbles, or a floor decorated with pebbles at home. Walk slowly on the pebbles with bare feet. The best time is about 30 minutes.

Function: by increasing the contact of plantar fascia, ligament, acupoint and nerve endings with uneven road surface, the sensitive areas of plantar are continuously stimulated. These stimulation signals can be transmitted to corresponding organs and corresponding cerebral cortex, which can adjust the functions of various parts of the body and play an auxiliary role in the treatment of some diseases. (this exercise is not applicable to foot diseases, especially diabetic foot patients).