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How to charge an electric car in summer how long does the battery car charge in summer

How to charge an electric car in summer how long does the battery car charge in summer

Sihai network: to charge the electric vehicle correctly, can avoid many failures, easy to go on the road, but also very good maintenance of our car. Hot weather in summer, if the charging time is not well grasped, it is easy to cause damage to the battery. Here is a brief introduction to how to charge the electric vehicle and how long the charging time of the battery car.

1. How to charge electric vehicle correctly?

There are two main principles to be followed: first, we should pay more attention to filling. Second, it can not be overcharged. Pay attention to the storage of battery car without power loss, which will seriously affect the service life. The longer the battery is idle, the more serious the battery damage. [how long is the battery life of electric vehicles]

2. Why do we need shallow and frequent filling?

Lead sulfate is formed when the battery is discharged and reduced to sulfuric acid and lead when charging. If deep discharge or not charging in time, lead sulfate can not be reduced, resulting in the vulcanization of the plate. Therefore, we should ride every day, charge every day, and do not discharge deeply.

3. What is the harm of charging time not too long?

If the charging time is too long, the water in the battery will be consumed excessively, the sulfuration process of the electrode plate will be accelerated, and the capacity of the battery will gradually decrease due to water shortage, until the battery is charged and scrapped.

4. How to grasp the right charging time?

The correct charging time is: float charge for 1-2 hours after the green light is on, and then cut off the power supply. The electric car charger has no overcharge protection function. Although the green light is on, the battery is still charging, decomposing and evaporating the water in the battery because the power cannot be cut off. There is no scientific reason for saying that "full is not full".

5. What is the main cause of battery short life?

The main reasons for battery short life are not charging in time and charging time is too long.

How long does the battery car charge?

1. After buying the car (or replacing the battery), the battery should have about 80% of the power. When you get home, you should charge it. The time should be four hours after the charger changes the light. This will take three times.

2. In the future, when riding electric moped every day, no matter 10-50km, it should be recharged to make the battery in a state of "satiety" for a long time, and it will be recharged on the same day, and it will be recharged after a few days of idling, which is prone to plate vulcanization and capacity reduction. But the charging time should not be too long. It is better to use the charger for one hour after changing the light. When charging, it is better not to overcharge, or the battery will be charged because of water shortage, bulging and swelling. Cause irreparable loss to battery.

3. Do not allow water to enter the battery box to cause the battery in the shell to connect.

4. Once a month, the battery is fully discharged (when the "undervoltage" light is on), that is to say, ride for a long distance until the undervoltage indicator light is on, the battery is out of power, and then charge to restore the battery capacity, so that you can know the current capacity level of the battery, whether it needs to be maintained and protected, and then charge for 12 hours continuously.

5. Conditionally adjust the monomer in the whole battery. For the batteries that have passed the warranty period (especially in summer), add 3-4ml deionized water (pure water is OK) to each cell every three or four months.

6. Once it is found that the charger does not turn green or turns green when charging, it is necessary to check whether there is a problem with the charger or water loss. [solution for electric vehicle charger to keep green light or red light]

7. The discharge port and charging port of the whole battery shall be kept clean at any time to prevent copper rust at the contact point, resulting in overheating and damage of poor contact.

8. If you have pedal, try to start with your foot, do not load too much, and accelerate smoothly. Don't get in the car and start it with electricity.

A group of batteries can be used for more than 5 years under the condition of correct charging and normal maintenance. Many users only need 1-2 years to replace them, mainly due to improper charging. Therefore, it is very important to master the correct charging method. Remember that the battery is not broken, it is charged.