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What is fukang'an? Is fukang'an the illegitimate son of Qianlong

In the strategy for extending the jubilee, er Qing married Fu Heng, but they were pregnant without a round house. Later, they gave birth to a son, fukang'an, who was deeply loved by Qianlong. What is the identity of fukang'an? Is it true that fukang'an is the illegitimate son of Qianlong?

First of all, there are many guesses about the identity of fukang'an in history. Some people may wonder about the relationship between Fukang and fukang'an in huanzhu. Some people think that the prototype of Fukang in huanzhu is fukang'an, after all, their names are very similar.

In fact, they had nothing to do with each other. Fuerkang's status in huanzhu was not noble. In the words of that time, he was a minion. Fukang'an was the third son of Fucha FUHENG, the younger brother of the empress of Fucha, so for Qianlong, fukang'an was his nephew. But there are also unofficial historians who say that Fuan kang'an is actually the illegitimate son of Qianlong, because Qianlong's glory and favor for fukang'an is simply more than the emperor's love for his son.

Then, how good was Qianlong to this nephew? When fukang'an was very young, Qianlong connected fukang'an from the rich inspector's house to the palace and raised him himself. Qianlong once said in the edict: 'happiness and health are fostered by the people in need. After many years of instruction from me, as for adults. It can be seen that Qianlong devoted a lot to the cultivation of fukang'an.

The Qing Dynasty emperors raised other people's children, either the orphans of meritorious officials or the clan grid. Like fukang'an, the father and mother are alive, but they are brought into the palace by the emperor and educated like the emperor's son. Fukang'an is the only one.

According to the history, fukang'an later became a military general and led the army to march out. Although he made a lot of military achievements, Qianlong gave him the speed of Jin Feng, which was unprecedented. In 1795, fukang'an was granted the title of "Beizi" by Qianlong and Jin for pacifying the chaos of Wu. This is also the first clan outside the Qing Dynasty since the founding of the country, who had been granted the title of "Beizi" in Jin Dynasty before his death. Fukang'an Jinfeng fritillary has surpassed the highest level that the external meritorious officials can Jinfeng, and can't go up to Jinfeng any more. As a result, fukang'an's father, Fu Heng, who had passed away at that time, was also granted the title of "Beizi".

In addition, fukang'an has always said that "give birth to a baby, give birth to a dead Prince". Some of the Emperor Qianlong's princes did not have such an honor. Later generations also speculated that the relationship between fukang'an and Qianlong might not be the same. What's more, Qianlong was very popular in history. It's normal that there were illegitimate children.

Moreover, after fukang'an's death, Qianlong pursued the princes for him and enjoyed the temple with him. Not only for fukang'an, but also for Fucha FUHENG, fukang'an's father. Such honor shocked the people at that time. The idea that fukang'an was the illegitimate son of Qianlong also spread widely. As for whether it was the illegitimate son of Qianlong, different people have different opinions.