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Where can I brush the desert auspicious clothes of peace elite

Where can I brush the desert auspicious clothes of peace elite when players play peace elites, if they find a lucky suit in the desert map, they just wear a invisibility suit. They can wear it and walk in the desert, which really reduces the chance of being found. Xiaobian will tell you today that such a treasure, in addition to waiting for airdrop, where else to find it!

After the desert map is updated, many players are in the air drop of the desert map and have picked up the desert auspicious clothes! In fact, there is another place, which is fixed to brush Geely clothes! ​ that's in the training ground!

Peace elite training ground has also been updated this time, not only more places to brush grenades, but also more cars to brush! And the refreshing place of desert auspicious clothes is just above the viaduct!

As long as we climb up step by step (or blow ourselves up with a grenade) from the right front of the viaduct, we can climb up the viaduct! See the legendary desert auspicious clothes! I believe that many players have not found the desert auspicious clothes, not to mention that this place will brush the desert auspicious clothes! ​

So, players who want to try on the desert Geely suit, hurry to the training ground to experience it! Put on the handsome desert auspicious clothes and eat chicken all the way to the end!