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What's the reason for the slow charging of mobile phones

What's the reason for the slow charging of mobile phones now mobile phones have become a part of our body, but it's always urgent to play with no power. Many friends charge their mobile phones and find that they can watch 18% in 10 minutes and 10 minutes. This speed is really the rhythm of the dead! So what's the reason for the slow charging of mobile phones? Let's see how to solve it.

1. Wrong charging plug

It mainly focuses on the insufficient voltage of the charging plug, which leads to slow charging. To charge the equipment, select the right charging plug. For example, if you use the iPhone plug to charge the iPad, the charging speed will be very slow because the power of the plug is not enough. Samsung mobile phones also have this problem. Most of the time, the "block" of 1A AC adapter is smaller than that of 2A AC adapter. So we can usually judge the current according to the size of the adapter, and it will be marked on the charging head. If the high-power charging head is used to charge the low-power mobile phone, the charging speed will be accelerated, but there are certain security risks. But charging the iPhone with a high-powered iPad plug, apple officials say, is OK.

2. Charging line

Because different USB cables support different current, the charging is slow. Although the USB cables on the market are all the same, they actually support different currents. There are a lot of electronic devices in our hands. Sometimes it's hard to distinguish which cable is equipped with which device. One solution is to mark all USB wires. Also, try to use the original charging line to charge the equipment, which will be much faster.

3. Charging temperature

In low temperature environment, the charging speed will be much slower. It takes 5 or 6 hours for a user's iPhone 6 plus to be fully charged. There's no problem with the plug or the charging line. What's the matter? Once, the user accidentally put the plus next to the hot water bag, which miraculously filled in more than two hours. It seems that the temperature also has a certain impact on the charging speed. But it's not the same when charging a mobile phone. It's a common problem of using a high-power charging head to charge a low-power mobile phone, and there will be some security risks.

4. Dust and foreign matter

Often dust is the chemical fiber and powder in the pocket of clothes, which have certain insulation function. If the above three points are OK, then we need to check whether the charging interface is blocked by some small dirty things. And because the mobile phone is often kicked in the trouser pocket, it is easy to enter some cotton or dust. Although this problem is inconspicuous, it is also the easiest to be ignored. At this time, we only need a paper clip or toothpick to carefully pick out the flocculent dust or dirt. If it is not easy to remove, blow hard with a blower.

Charging tips

1. The charging speed is the fastest when shutting down. If you don't want to shut down, airplane mode is also the best choice to speed up the charging speed.

2. The charging of mobile phone using socket is much faster than that of USB linked computer.

3. Don't wait for the low battery alarm of the mobile phone to recharge.