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2018 tiktok fans are the most popular fans, 2018 of the tiktok fans.

2018 tiktok fans are the most popular fans, 2018 of the tiktok fans.

Every kind of eye opening device tiktok tiktok is a great expert in the daily life of many people. It is almost eye opening. You can see all kinds of cattle and flowers. You know how many people are fans in 2018. Let's look at the 2018 tiktok fans list.

Tiktok tiktok tiktok is the hottest software in the past two years. Fans in the short video are very important. The higher the number of fans, the stronger the strength of their buddies. Tiktok fans list 2018, let's see!

Who is the tiktok fan?

The tiktok fans are the most Zhang Xinyao, his tiktok ID is zxy19941019, the number of fans is 8 million 590 thousand, amazing!

Zhang Xinyao, master tiktok, joined in December 2017. I am the headline · 2017 today's headline annual celebration.

Chinese Name: Zhang Xinyao

Foreign name: Zhang Xinyao

Nationality: China

Nationality: Han

Date of birth: 1994

Zhang Xinyao's short video tiktok is going to be my girlfriend. On December 17, 2017, I participated in the 'I am the headline & middot; 2017 headline annual event' in Beijing.

Tiktok Zhang Xinyao, who has no background, is a child of ordinary family love to dance and love to laugh.

Character is very good, strength dotes on the powder, the true disposition often can attract people to like more.

I'm so happy to see him live. The whole sky is clear.

Brother tiktok brother tiktok, who has more than 630 thousand fans, has been growing up with Zhang Xinyao's eyes. The whole style is fresh and unaffected. Of course, it can explain why others are shouting.

In fact, many people are first attracted by his Korean appearance. The long leg single eyelid makes many people think it's like a little brother in Korea. He was not Korean, but Chifeng, Inner Mongolia. He was also very young. On November 22, 1994, his registration time was 13-12-23.

Xiaobian watched his video. It can be said that he is handsome, and can also seduce his younger sister. At the same time, he is also a person who can make a lot of fun. And many fans say that he is the only one who looks handsome and dances well. What caused him to get popular is that he had to make a video of a red explosion. If you want to be my girlfriend, tiktok will be in full swing in every aspect, which will be the peak of the heat of the jitter.

Tiktok fans ranking 2018

First place: Zhang Xinyao

Zhang Xinyao's tiktok ID is zxy19941019, and from his voice ID, he can see that he is a 94 year old little meat. He is good at dancing, and his tiktok is handsome. At the time of Xiaobian's posting, the number of his fans was 8.59 million, with an amazing growth rate.

Second place: Pei Jiaxin

Pei Jiaxin get out of hand, ID is peijiaxin, she is a cute little girl. When you have nothing to do, you can watch her video. You will see tiktok from scratch. Because the little girl is so cute. In addition to being a net star, she has also participated in many variety shows and attracted a lot of fans for her. Her current number of fans is 6 million 320 thousand, and tiktok is ranked second in the red list.

Third place: Wu Jiayu

Wu Jiayu's ID is jj1118, and she is the first net playing anchor who starts playing the scene changing dance. From the subway station to the home, from bedroom to restaurant, tiktok dance in different scenes, every video is very shocking. It can also be seen from her video that she is attentive to the video. It is reasonable for such a person to become popular. The number of fans of Wu Jiayu is 5.4 million, and the growth rate is also very fast.

Unknown to the public, the number of fans will change. This is a crazy era. It may take only one night to get a net red from a tiktok to millions of fans.