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How important is it to sleep left or right

A lot of people like to sleep on their side, so is it better to sleep left or right? How important is the direction of sleep? Let's pay attention to this problem.

It's better to sleep left or right

Generally, sleep on the right side, but the main thing is to be comfortable.

1. When sleeping on the side, the spine is slightly bent forward to form a bow, and the hands and legs can be freely placed in the most comfortable position. In this way, the whole body muscles can be completely relaxed, the chest compression is minimal, and it is not easy to cause snoring or choking cough.

2. Sleep best to the right. Because the heart is on the left side, when sleeping to the right side, the heart position is high, and the compression in the chest is minimum, which is conducive to reduce the heart load and increase the output of the heart. At the same time, the outlet of the stomach and the duodenum are all below, which makes the contents of the stomach easy to enter the duodenum.

3. The liver is below, which is conducive to the blood flow back to the liver, strengthening the digestion of food and absorption of nutrients. In fact, people always turn over when they sleep to a certain time. It's impossible to sleep to the right, so as to prevent the body from being compressed and improve blood circulation.

4. Cardiologist gives such authoritative answer: sleep left or right will not affect the heart. Anatomically speaking, the heart, lungs and other organs of the human body are all surrounded by ribs, which are firmly supported and protected. Lying on your left side does not force the weight of your right side against your left heart.

Which direction is the best way to sleep

It is generally believed that it is best to sleep with your head facing south and North.

1. Experts believe that sleeping with head south or north-south is good for health. The weak interference of the earth's magnetic field will cause great changes in the electrical activities of the brain. If you sleep with your head to the north, it will cause significant changes in the biochemical movement of the human body. The micro pulse of the magnetic field greatly inhibits the electrical activity of the brain, thus making people feel uncomfortable, fidgety and irritable. If you sleep with your head to the East, you will have a sense of peace.

2. In the blood circulation system of the human body, the aorta and the great vein are the most important, and their direction is consistent with that of the head and foot of the human body. When the human body is in the North-South sleeping direction, the aorta and the great vein are also in the north-south direction, and the water molecules are also arranged in the north-south direction, so the blood flow with water as the main component is the most smooth and smooth, and its inertia is conducive to passing through capillaries and reducing the occurrence of blood clots. Therefore, the North-South sleeping direction has certain disease prevention and health care functions.

3. When sleeping, the best sleeping posture is right side sleeping: many people wake up feeling dizzy, backache and tired. The main reason is due to improper sleeping posture. Supine is the most common sleeping position. Traditional Chinese medicine calls this sleeping posture as corpse lying. With this sleeping posture, the body and lower limbs can only be fixed at the straightening position, and the purpose of rest of the whole body cannot be achieved. When the pressure in the abdominal cavity increases, supine can easily make people feel chest tightness and suffocation.

Sleeping precautions

1. Usually, we always take off our clothes or wear pajamas to sleep, but for some reasons, some people don't take off their clothes to sleep, which makes people feel constrained and not free, and will cause bad sleep.

2. Strong tea and coffee are stimulant drinks, containing substances such as caffeine that can make people excited. Drinking them before going to bed is easy to make people excited, making it difficult to fall asleep.

3. When people are asleep, although their eyes are closed, they can still feel the light. Sleeping in front of the light is easy to make people uneasy and difficult to sleep, and even sleeping is easy to wake up.

4. Because it is easy to make the brain excited and thinking active, which makes it difficult to sleep.

5. If you are too full before going to bed, the blood will be concentrated in the digestive tract, so that the blood in other parts (especially the coronary artery) will be relatively reduced, which is easy to cause angina pectoris caused by heart ischemia. This is the way of myocardial infarction at night. The onset of late night disease is really called "every day should not be" and "the ground is not working".