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Don't let your cell phone affect your life

The function of mobile phone is becoming more and more powerful, that is to say, the simplest thing to bring when you go out, mobile phone is essential, even if you don't have a wallet, even if you don't have an ID card, you must bring a mobile phone. Without a mobile phone, the whole person feels like one thing is missing, and the functions that a mobile phone can achieve, apart from paying, taking a taxi and buying a ticket, are almost impossible for a mobile phone to handle, But at the same time, mobile phones have also affected our lives, so how to reduce this influence?

Delete unnecessary application software as much as possible. Some software may be installed due to some temporary needs, but it will often forget to delete after use. Also, do not install more software with duplicate functions, such as music playing software. One can be installed on a general mobile phone. In addition, the application software that wastes time must be deleted.

Don't try to be convenient. Use some living habits on mobile phones. The most obvious thing is to read books. Many people think that reading paper books is not as convenient as reading e-books. They may consider the factors of low price. But in fact, few people insist on reading books on mobile phones. Therefore, in the face of similar reading habits, it's better to return to the tradition unless you have enough Strong self-control.

Set the time of using the mobile phone every day, maybe specify a lot of time, but you can stipulate that you can't use the mobile phone for a fixed period of time every day. For example, keep the mobile phone away from you from 7:00 to 9:00 in the evening, and do something that you can do without using the mobile phone quietly, such as reading and writing, spending more time with your family and chatting.

Don't stay up late with your mobile phone. Many people stay up in bed to play with their mobile phones and spend a lot of time. However, they don't know that this mobile phone has seriously harmed their normal life. Therefore, most of the reasons for staying up late are because of your mobile phone. Therefore, in addition to the particularly important things, you should not play with your mobile phone at night.

Face up to mobile phone is just a tool. Don't expect mobile phone to supervise you to form a habit of self-discipline. It's just a tool. It's good for you to use it well, but it's very bad if you don't use it well. Therefore, in the face of mobile phones, we should treat both sides reasonably, not be slaves to them, but make good use of them to improve the quality of life.