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What's the skill of the old driver in saving fuel?

I'm a very fond driver. I've been driving for six or seven years now. I can say I'm an experienced driver. Of course, the most outstanding driving skill is the fuel-saving skill. Today, I'll tell you something about it. My friends can refer to it.

First, when I drive, the first thing I need to do is to clean up the unnecessary things on the car as much as possible and reduce the burden on the car. This is a good habit, because your car can save a lot of gas. You must pay attention to the details in this regard.

Second, when you drive a car, you must pay attention to it. When you can not move the steering wheel, try not to do it all. Because every time you turn the steering wheel, the car will increase fuel consumption. If you turn the steering wheel less, your car can save some gasoline!

Third, remember that when the car is going up the slope, you can choose the first gear to drive. If it is a small gentle slope, you can directly shift to the second gear, so that the car can save a lot of gas, do not see the ramp and use the first gear, which will be very fuel-efficient.

Fourth, after the car starts, don't drive in a hurry. You should warm up the car a little for a minute to get on and off. This is to lubricate all parts of the car. The car starts to drive a minute later. Then you will find that the efficiency of the car will be improved and the gasoline will be saved naturally.

Fifth, when I drive a car, I always know the road situation in advance. Through the radio on the car, I can know where there is a traffic jam. In this way, I will make a detour. It seems that the detour is long. In fact, as long as there is no traffic jam, you will save a lot of fuel.

Sixth, when driving, we must pay attention to the judgment of the road in advance. For example, when there is a red light in front of us, we need to judge the time, see how long we need to wait, and whether we need to stop directly. To see someone on the road ahead, you need to judge how much speed you can pass smoothly, so you can save gas!

Seventh, when you drive, you should avoid buses and trucks. On the one hand, it's for your driving safety. On the other hand, it's more important to avoid buses stopping and walking, and the slow speed of trucks, which causes you to slow down from time to time, which will waste gas!