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How many days in advance can freshmen buy train tickets? How much discount do freshmen get for train

There is less than a month or so before the start of the school season. Many freshmen from other places report to the new school by train. How do freshmen buy tickets? How much discount can freshmen get for train tickets with admission notice?

At present, the pre-sale period of Internet and telephone booking is 30 days, and the pre-sale period of station ticket window, booking point and automatic ticket machine is 28 days. After receiving the admission notice, the freshmen can make arrangements as soon as possible. Because the opening time of colleges and universities is relatively concentrated, they should try to buy tickets in advance, so as not to miss the right train number or fail to buy tickets.

As freshmen have not yet applied for student cards, they don't have bus discount cards, but they can buy student tickets with the admission notice. Student tickets only cover ordinary hard seat tickets, ordinary hard sleeper tickets and second class seats of motor cars. Among them, 50% off for hard seat student tickets, 7.5% off for second-class student tickets on motor cars.

Due to the need to fill in the information related to student card and train ticket discount card for online booking, it is not convenient for freshmen to fill in because they have not dealt with it temporarily, and because freshmen don't have student card and train ticket discount card, they can't buy and pick up tickets at the automatic ticket machine and agency point, so the railway department doesn't recommend that freshmen use network booking to avoid trouble when picking up tickets. In order to save unnecessary trouble, the railway department suggested that freshmen take the college admission notice and ID card to the special window of the station student ticket to buy tickets.