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How to deal with a cold can Bupleurum chinense prevent and treat a cold

Cold fever many people will choose to take medicine to control the treatment, so cold fever better take what medicine is the most effective? Can Xiao Chaihu prevent and treat cold? Let's learn about the effect of Bupleurum on colds!

Can Xiao Chaihu prevent cold

Can prevent, small Chaihu for the treatment of cold is still very important.

1. Patients should be dialectically clear before using Chinese patent medicine, and should not blindly use drugs. Xiaochaihu granule is a kind of antidote. It is mainly used to treat the cold of evil and Shaoyang.

2. Generally, the symptoms of dizziness, nausea, cold and heat can be taken. They are not specially used to treat colds, but to treat the complications of colds.

3、。 If there are cold and heat exchange, vomiting, slight pain on both sides of the head and other symptoms in a cold, it means that the small Bupleurum can be used when the wind and heat cold is caused by shaoyang disease. It can be seen that after taking Xiaochaihu granules, it can not only treat cold diseases such as wind heat and cold, but also regulate people's spirit and emotions, with good therapeutic effect.

4. If women suffer from cold before and after menstruation, or at the time of menstruation, it is the time when their body is the most weak, so it is naturally appropriate to treat them with Xiaochaihu Decoction.

5. Hand, foot and mouth disease is actually a disease caused by heat in the liver channel. The liver and gall are the same as Qi and Xiao Chaihu can clear the heat poison of the liver channel. So the best way to prevent and treat is to let children take Xiaochaihu granules + Shuanghuanglian oral liquid.

Can Xiao Chaihu be taken with antipyretics

Can eat together, general cold medicine won't have big taboo.

1. Antipyretics and anti-inflammatory drugs can be taken together, such as pharyngitis or bronchitis, with fever, it is recommended to take them at the same time.

2. Xiaochaihu granule is from Xiaochaihu Decoction in Treatise on Febrile Diseases by Zhang Zhongjing, the doctor of Han Dynasty. The medicine consists of bupleurum, Scutellaria, Pinellia ternate (ginger), dangshen, ginger, liquorice, jujube, and the auxiliary material is sucrose.

3. It is used for cold and heat exchange, chest and flank are full of bitterness, upset and vomiting, mouth is bitter and throat is dry. From the analysis of the prescription, there is no ingredient in the two prescriptions, so antiviral oral liquid and Xiaochaihu granules can be eaten together.

Precautions for cold medication

1. Chlorpheniramine is the most commonly used antiallergic ingredient in cold medicine, which can relieve the symptoms of runny nose, sneezing, tears, pruritus and so on. However, due to the side effects of narcolepsy, patients engaged in driving and precision instrument operation should be cautious.

2. In principle, when you have a cold, you should drink more water, rest more and supplement vitamin C. you don't need a cold to take a lot of medicine immediately. If the patient only sneezes, has a stuffy nose, has a clear running nose, and has no symptoms such as fever, muscle pain, headache, etc., in principle, it is not recommended to use anti cold drugs containing antipyretic analgesics to avoid adverse reactions such as allergies.

3. If the symptoms such as dyspnea, shivering, fever and rash occur within 30 hours after medication, the patient should be highly suspected of drug allergy.

4. Generally speaking, as long as the remedy is right, the common cold can be relieved very quickly. If the symptoms of the cold are not relieved after taking the medicine, you need to go to the hospital in time to find a doctor to see what's going on. If the cold can't be relieved for a long time, it will turn into other diseases, so you must treat the cold in time. If you take the medicine, it can't be relieved To solve the symptoms, we need to inject drugs with the help of doctors.