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Can KFC offer a minimum price of 1 yuan?

What is the group purchase procedure? KFC is quietly opening the "Gang of people" campaign notice on the official account No. KFC's public menu bar. It said that the official account of the group would be opened in August 6th, and the group members could get different degrees of discount.

According to KFC's official announcement, the event is divided into three forms: ten thousand people, one thousand people and three people. Among them, the price can be reduced to 1 yuan for 10000 people, and 1 yuan for 1000 people.

According to reports, the group activities are dominated by the sale of e-card coupons, which are verified offline by consumers with the Coupons - this is consistent with KFC's previous model in tmall flagship store: sell coupons online and use them in stores.

KFC also launched a small program KFC WOW group for the group activities. Before that, the official account of KFC has already tied five small programs: KFC membership activities, KFC + KFC WOW members' public welfare, V gold shopping mall and KFC.

These five small programs are developed by KFC itself, and the collage small program shows that you Zan provides technical support. Yibang power contacted the person in charge of youzan, who said that it did cooperate with KFC, but it was not convenient to disclose the details.