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What's the reason for the peculiar smell of air conditioner in summer? How to remove the peculiar sm

What's the reason for the peculiar smell of air conditioner in summer? How to remove the peculiar smell of air conditioner

Four seas network: summer is the high incidence period of using air conditioner. Many friends find that there will be an unpleasant smell when the air conditioner is used for a long time, which will not only affect the indoor air, but also may be harmful to people's health if it is serious. Then what is the problem of the peculiar smell when the air conditioner is used for a long time? How to remove the peculiar smell of the air conditioner? Let's have a look with Xiaobian!

Causes of peculiar smell of air conditioner

Cause 1. After the air conditioner has been used for many years, certain dust will be squeezed inside the filter screen and copper sheet in the room, so that certain peculiar smell will be generated when a certain amount of dust is accumulated. As the air conditioner is turned on, the peculiar smell of the air conditioner will spread into the air.

Cause 2. After the air conditioner is cooled hot, in many cases, there will be moisture in the interior of the indoor unit, so when the air conditioner is turned off, the air conditioner without the function of drying and mildew prevention will be shut down immediately, so the moisture in the interior will always exist, and mould will be produced in the long run, and mildew will naturally occur.

Cause 3. The system did not run for a long time, and the fins of the heat exchanger were nearly full.

Cause 4. Some non high efficiency filter systems at the end of air supply, such as computer room, hotel room, etc., although the interior decoration is good, the fresh air and air conditioning air supply are filtered, but dust can still be found near the air supply outlet and the window sill surface in some rooms, and a layer of dust can also be found on the surface of the internal parts of the machine.

Cause 5. After the air conditioning system is started, the indoor bacterial concentration and odor increase instead. This is because the condensation water on the heat exchange coil, fins and their surrounding parts slowly evaporates to form the high humidity (and high temperature) conditions around the coil, which becomes the environment suitable for microbial propagation. A large amount of gas generated during propagation is suddenly released due to the drive of the system and becomes the source of odor 。 It is believed that a large amount of dust brought by fresh air and accumulated in these places not only carries microorganisms, but also provides indispensable nutritional conditions for microbial reproduction.

Cleaning of air conditioner after cleaning the peculiar smell of air conditioner

One more step at a time

Cleaning filter screen is not enough. Cleaning and disinfection of radiator is the key

At present, most of the air-conditioning cleaning in the family usually only stays at the filter screen level, in fact, this can not completely remove the air-conditioning pollution. Because the filter screen only filters a part of the dust, there will still be some dust accumulated on the radiator through the filter screen, and a large number of bacteria accumulated.

After understanding the real causes of air-conditioning pollution, we can do one step more each time to clean the air-conditioning, clean the filter screen and clean and disinfect the air-conditioning fins at the same time, so as to effectively inhibit the growth of the fins bacteria and bring pollution to the indoor air.

Disinfect once a month

It is necessary to clean and disinfect the cooling fins of air conditioner on a regular basis in addition to forming the habit of cleaning and disinfecting the air conditioner one step at a time. Every year, the air conditioner should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before it is turned on for the first time in the season of changing seasons. However, in the months when the air conditioner is frequently used, such as summer, because people may stay in the air conditioner room for a long time, the indoor air quality directly affects our health, so we need to clean the air conditioner regularly. The simple way is to disinfect the air conditioner once a month.