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How to tiktok video to friends circle tiktok video sharing circle

Tiktok tiktok tiktok: the most popular short video APP is the shaking. Be struck dumb, many people want to share the video with WeChat. How can we share the short video on the WeChat?

Tiktok video sharing method

Tiktok tiktok tiktok: 1: downloaded videos and downloaded them, downloading them, downloading the jitter without watermark: 2, click and share -> copy links, then modify links in the following format, and share them: link: to This is what succeeded, why not share directly.

Tiktok can be tiktok Kwai Tai tiktok before long ago. Recently, due to frequent incidents of shaking, all departments concerned are preparing to complete the video platforms, including B station and jitter. So some videos can not be directly viewed by the normal. After all, during the summer vacation, it is the peak period of students' activity. It's very good.