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China has 200 million singles. Why are there so many single dogs in China?

The number of single dogs in China has reached 200 million. Is that the pace of extinction? I hope more single dogs can get rid of the single, otherwise how can human beings reproduce and develop? According to a report on the website of Hong Kong's South China Morning Post on August 10, the growth of the number of single people in the mainland is a relatively new phenomenon brought about by economic development, which also reflects profound changes in people's views on the phenomenon of staying single. According to the Ministry of civil affairs, the 'unmarried' population in mainland China (traditionally the group that should have been married in previous generations) has reached 200 million by the end of 2015.

"Today's singles tend to have more and growing disposable income and tend to focus on themselves and spend their money on themselves," said Tang Shulan, a partner at the Hong Kong Office of Bofeng, a brand strategy and design consultancy. '

Research shows that the new generation of singles in the mainland are not only richer than the previous generation, but also more willing to spend money. Data from the world economic forum show that upper middle-class consumers aged 35 and under spend an average of 40% more than the previous generation of consumers with the same income on all kinds of products.

According to the report, today's single people have stronger purchasing power and stronger willingness to spend, but they may not necessarily be able to translate into positive economic contribution.

Dr. Zhang Ning, from the Institute of financial and economic strategy, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said: 'people take it for granted that single urban professionals are changing the overall consumption mode to benefit the entertainment and personal care industries, but I think that more and more single people have more negative impact on the economy than their positive impact. '

Because single people face less responsibilities than their married peers, it's easy to form a casual attitude towards life, which can easily turn into a lack of motivation for work.

Take Japan for example. More and more young people want to avoid family responsibilities by not marrying. Japan's high unmarried rate has a negative impact on the economy. Some single people think that they only need to support themselves, so there is no greater pressure to create more wealth for the family. '

Although people's sense of security about staying single is increasing, there is evidence that singles are still more insecure about family responsibilities, financial burdens and emotional stress than married people, the report said.

According to a survey conducted by market research firm inmant, the purchasing power and average expenditure of a core family are much higher than that of a person's family. Married people are more confident in their financial situation and stability because they are not the only source of income in the family.

Singles are often under pressure to plan for their own future, which makes them more likely to choose to invest in insurance and financial products rather than buying high-value goods.

On the other hand, young parents may spend a considerable amount of money on baby care products, and they are more willing to spend a lot of money on their other half to promote domestic consumption.

But even if singles in mainland China are not the 'big' consumers people think they are, they are still the main target of retailers and service providers in the fashion, entertainment, food and tourism industries.

"Married people are essentially the same as single people," said anira middot; Ma, a lifestyle analyst at insent. However, they are more likely to be at different stages of life and therefore have different life priorities. '

The report said that single people do not have more family responsibilities and naturally tend to pay more attention to themselves and improve their quality of life. This makes luxury brands more popular among city singles because they can afford to and like to 'reward themselves' from time to time.