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Tiktok circle of friends love puzzle how to make friends circle love puzzle

Four seas tiktok: the jitter has not only helped many people sing many songs, but also can learn many small skills in daily life on the shaking. For example, the recent love circle in the circle of friends is tiktok, so do you know how the love puzzle is made?

First, use the nine palace puzzle, from left to right, from top to bottom for the first to the ninth picture. Then, number 1-9 according to the figure below, upload the solid color base map in the digital position of the picture, upload the photos you want to send in other positions, and finally put the nine pictures together to complete ~!

First sheet: 123457 is blank

Sheet 2: 1235 is blank

Sheet 3: 123569 is blank

Sheet 4: 7 is blank

No blank

Page 6: 9 is blank

Page 7: 12456789 is blank

Page 8: 79 is blank

Page 9: 23456789 is blank

Finally, the nine figures are assembled into nine palace grids. If you like, let's make our circle of friends into the shape of love!